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15 Interesting Topic Ideas To Consider When Writing Your College Essay

Thousands of high school seniors around America are now preparing to write their college essays. The essay is a vital part of the application process and is crucial in selecting students that stand out. Therefore, every student should aspire to write an exceptional essay. One way to do this is to make sure that any topic you write the essay on is personal. The number one question to ask yourself before writing your essay is,

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7 Tips to Make the College Application Process Slightly Less Painful

Applying to college is scary for everyone. There isn’t any one way to do it correctly, everyone goes through a different process. But, as a senior who is soon to be graduating, I do have some insight to make this process as painless as possible. Don’t pick a lot of schools. More is not better! Of course, it’s not a great idea to only apply to one school, but applying to 20+ schools is excessive.

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Why College Entrance Tests Need to Exit

On December 12, online scores for students who took the PSAT last October will be available on the CollegeBoard website. For the vast majority of students, these scores will have no impact on their high school careers. However, the top 1% of test takers, otherwise known as National Merit Semifinalists, will move forward and compete for full rides to various universities across the United States. If you find it absurd how so much weight is placed

Real Life

Lessons I learned After Getting Rejected From NYU

This time last year, I was one of the millions of high school seniors across the country that annually deal with the fears of the impending doom of post-high school life. What happens after graduation? Which college do I wanna go to? Do I want to go to college? Is this essay good enough? What if I get rejected? Do I have any assignments due tomorrow? Am I forgetting to do something? Did I eat

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