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Unpopular Opinion: The Politically Correct Are Nicer People

In recent years, unlikely experts from all across the U.S., including professors, psychologists and various authors, have gotten up on their high horses to preach the dangers of a phenomenon they call being “politically correct,” or PC. These groups of conservatives, moderates, and even select liberals assert that the largest issue plaguing America and its universities today is Millennial and Gen-Z college students calling for academic censorship, punishment for microaggressions, and endangering the freedom of

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Being a Voice: My College Experience at Stanford University

Never did I ever imagine that I would be able to experience the daily life of a Stanford student. After applying and getting the scholarship for the (JSA) Junior State of America summer program, I was definitely enthralled and ready to tackle rigor in the form of a college course and a debate workshop. When people hear a top-notch University, they see students binge-studying on the grass, at the library, or in their dorms throughout

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Need a Boost? Advice for Students Struggling with Fatigue

College students are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities at a time; whether it be classwork, exams, a social life, a job, or finding enough time to sleep. So in this beautiful disaster, there comes a breaking point, an energy crash so potent that we get buried under our responsibilities with the strongest urge to just sleep. As college students, the burnout period of our bodies comes more regularly and with a much stronger force than that


Stop Blaming Millennials For Screwing Up An Economy They Didn’t Create

Following the rise of technology and self-expression that has characterized millennials and Gen Z-ers, older age groups have started to push back against the changing times by blaming young people for everything wrong with society. A short refresher course on terminology: The term “millennial” is used to describe the demographic born between the years of 1981 and 1996. Anyone currently under the age of 22 is considered to fall under the category “Generation Z” (Gen

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Move-In Day Can Be Stressful, But It’s Worth It

Summer is coming to an end and many first-year college students are getting ready (if they haven’t already) to move into their college dorms. For the most part, it can be exciting — from buying different things for your dorm to texting your roommate about who’s bringing what appliances. Everything leading up to move in day is exciting and it gives some nerves, but for the most part, it’s thrilling. Then move-in day actually happens.


Why The Argument Against Gun Control Is Irrelevant

It’s hard to believe the degree of violence innocent people are witnessing every day. The Parkland shooting is only the most recent in a string of school shootings that have occurred in 2018. With 17 deaths, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has quickly surpassed Columbine to become the most devastating high school shooting and falls second only to Sandy Hook in terms of all-time school shootings. Teenagers should be writing term papers, studying for AP tests


The Truth About Discrimination in the College Admissions Process

In 2015, 64 Asian-American groups filed a complaint against Harvard University for what they claimed to be discrimination in the college admissions process. Some may argue that the groups are simply creating a rationale for getting rejected from the institution, but the numbers don’t lie. Many of the enraged previous Asian-American applicants sported nearly perfect SAT scores, played multiple instruments, were named captains of their sports teams and participated in numerous extracurricular activities. With such a resume, one

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Why I Recommend Going to Community College

I did not want to go to community college. It was never part of the plan. MY plan to be exact. Until my mother dropped the news on me junior year of high school that there simply was not enough money to send me to a four-year college right away. So I got a job, took high school IB courses (which would later count as college credits), and bought a car to earn my independence


I Was Rejected By My Dream School

There are few things that can beat the devastating blow that comes with being rejected by your Dream School. December 14th, 2017. On this date, I was supposed to receive my acceptance from Columbia University, which would cement the success and prosperity that was then obligated to occur in my life. This date was supposed to be the best day of my life, in every possible aspect. After weeks and weeks of researching and cyber-stalking,

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You’re Ready To Apply To College…Now What?

It’s senior year. Time to buckle down and start filling out college applications, resumes, writing your essay and taking the SAT and (if you’re like me) the ACT. But before you can send anything anywhere, you have to ask yourself — where do I want to be for the next four, maybe more, years? For me, it was easy. I want to be anywhere but where I am now. I’ve outgrown the town I live

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