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Mental Health

To Parents of Depressed Children

Having a child who is suffering from a mental illness can be worrying, tiring, and stressful — especially if they’re a teenager since their feelings are already all over the place. Most of the time, your child won’t tell you what is wrong, why they had a bad day, or why they’re sobbing in their bedrooms in the dark. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to help or even be around them. Here are

Girl sitting forlornly in a corner. Light through blinds casts a striped pattern on her.
Mental Health

5 Things Your Mental Health Needs

Recently, my mother created a list of five things I need do daily to manage my mental health. They are medicine, sleep, food, exercise and relaxation. I, and those whom I have shared this system with, have found it to be enormously helpful and I hope that you, too, are able to gain something from it. 1. Medicine Obviously, if you do not take medication, this does not apply to you. However, to the people

Mental Health

4 Simple Steps To Help Cope During An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety disorders come in many different forms. There’s generalised anxiety (which is suffered by about 3.1 % of the US population), OCD, panic disorder, PTSD and a whole range of phobias. For some, anxiety is part of who they are. For me, in some ways that is true. My anxiety is a large part of my work-ethic, my decision-making and how I conduct myself socially. But sadly it also plays a dangerous part in my

Mental Health

How To Battle Seasonal Depression

As the temperature begins to decline and the snow begins to plummet from the forlorn sky, your well-being may begin to take a plunge as well. The months of December, January and February seem to prolong infinitely, you’re extremely fatigued for every waking moment, and you’re puzzled on why you suddenly feel this way. Do not fear: the answer to these syndromes may be that you are experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short.

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