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Post-Bolsonaro Brazil and How It Is Not Working Out

Brazil’s election had a rough but expected outcome, Jair Bolsonaro was elected for president. He hasn’t begun his presidential term yet, but even from behind the political scene of Brazil he has already managed to cause trouble. His campaigns, now and before the elections always circled around corruption, about how he and his family are “decent and honest” people and that he was unlike any other politician in the Brazilian scenery. That speech conquered a great

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Brazilian Election: The decision is Easier Than You Think

Brazil is going through a delicate moment. The presidential elections have never been as polarized and controversial as 2018’s have been. On one side, there is Haddad. A leftist candidate who has a speech that resonates with social commitment, but at the same time, whose political party (“PT”) has had involvement with corruption and money laundering over the years. On the other side, there is Bolsonaro. A self-proclaimed conservative, with speeches of hatred and prejudice going


Half-Century Legacy: Investigating The FBI’s Criminalization Of MLK

While in modern years Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been unanimously praised as a valiant and  proud public leader, this has not always been the case. Dr. King has touched thousands of lives with his poetic words and heroic yet nonviolent actions, with activists and philosophers in the generations since his death adopting his mantras and doctrines and using them as their own personal guidance through life. This is unassailable in the aftermath and


Florida Has Allegedly Been Accepting Political Favors Instead of Having Coverage For Sick Kids

I know what you’re thinking: wow, another headline with the word, “Florida,” in it. This must be horrible, yet also dumb and hilarious. Usually, this is the case and as a Floridian myself, I have experienced my fair share of weird news that comes out of my state. For right now, though, I want you to forget all of the bias that you associate with Florida. This is not your average Floridian news story; it


How to Fix America’s Broken Democracy

Americans hate politics, and for good reason. Evidence from a Princeton University study found that the U.S. operates more like an oligarchy than a democracy. Voter turnout has been abysmal for years since citizens feel as if the system is rigged against them every election. The latest example is electing President Donald Trump, even though he received 3 million less votes than his Democratic opponent. So, how do we fix it? Well, it’s complicated. When


School to Oil Pipeline: How Big Oil is Brainwashing American Public School Students

Think of a quirky, fun and lovable scientist. Bill Nye? No instead we will talk about Leo Petrochemicals a knockoff, who unlike Bill Nye , is a puppet for Big Oil. Funded by enormous multinational oil corporations Leo’s job is to motivate children and teens to see oil production in a positive light. In one particular video aimed at Oklahoma students, he talks about how gas and oil can be utilized to produce thousands of


The Mainstream Media Regularly Neglects To Cover Important Stories in Developing Countries

Every day, the entire world is informed about current events through media outlets. We tend to immediately trust the media because they are the only way we can learn about the world and be fully informed. But has the media been deceiving us all along? With the access to CNN, ABC News, FOX News, and thousands of other media outlets available on almost every device, we can easily learn about the events occurring in the


Trump Plus Terrorism Equals Money

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, Donald Trump expressed his vague plans ahead concerning our national security – including the construction of “the wall.” It wouldn’t be until the next day, that we would learn what Trump’s plans consisted of – a Muslim travel ban. Following Tuesday, Trump passed an executive bill calling for the “extreme vetting” of Muslims entering the United States from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan. Syria and Yemen. In the Executive Bill,


Gorillaz Release New Song “Hallelujah Money”: A Commentary on Power and Corruption

As always, Gorillaz has shown up and shone out when least expected but most greatly needed. Popular UK musical group Gorillaz recently dropped their first single since 2011 titled “Hallelujah Money.” It features Grammy award winning composer and artist Benjamin Clementine. The video was released exclusively on Uproxx, a news platform that partnered with Gorillaz for the release of this song. According to Uproxx, the video “was directed by Giorgio Testi and the Gorillaz, and edited

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