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The Relevance Of The Unabomber’s Manifesto Today

After binge-watching the hit series on Netflix ‘Manhunt: The Unabomber’ early this year, I became extremely intrigued into the mind of Theodore Kaczynski and the psychology embedded in his somewhat futuristic ideology. Theodore Kaczynski is a US serial killer, who killed three people over the course of a 17-year bombing campaign against technology, and remained unidentified from the FBI until his brother identified him from his 35,000-word manifesto. He demanded that The Washington Post published his

Real Life

Classism Seeps Into California’s Prison System

Monique Fronti met “So You Think You Can Dance?” choreographer Shane Sparks at the Los Angeles dance student at which she studied. A week before she turned thirteen years-old, they started having sex. When Fronti’s therapist reported the abuse to police in 2009, Sparks claimed the relationship was consensual, despite Fronti’s statements about feeling powerless. Later, Sparks pleaded no contest to intercourse with a minor under the age of sixteen; he served 135 days at


The Plight Of The Rohingya People Of Myanmar: UN Report Exposes Human Rights Violations

They are a minority in the state they live in, a state that denies them citizenship despite some of them having lived in it for three generations. The same state limits their travel and forces them to sign agreements to not have more than two children. They are banned from owning land and have often been described as “the world’s least wanted” and “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities”. The Rohingya people of Myanmar

Real Life

Companion App Lets Your Friends Virtually Walk You Home

At some point in your life, you have had to (or will have to) walk to a destination alone and it will be pitch black outside. It is inevitable and as much as you would want to have someone by your side during this trip, it might a short distance or transportation might not be in your reach. With our society evolving today in terms of technology, apps have been churned out of the Apple/Android App

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