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Why Urban Liberals Need To Stop Dismissing Rural Communities

White, bigoted, uneducated, isolated, incestuous, extremely religious, redneck, conservative, farmer, broken-down, Trump country. If liberal people from urban areas were asked to name concepts they associated with the word rural, their list would undoubtedly include phrases similar to these. For members of the LGBT community and people of color, less-populated areas have negative connotations. The rural reputation, from an urban and suburban viewpoint, is generally one of intolerance and ignorance, an unwelcoming place to be


If You Value Progress, Vote Blue to Flip the Legislative Branch

Midterm elections are undeniably underrated. Historically, voter turnout for off-years sticks at around 40%, compared to 60% in the Presidential cycles. Thankfully, this year, people are paying attention. Over the summer, a significant number of people rushed to vote in the primaries. There’s a lot going on in politics and there’s so much we need to care about. Ever since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s messy

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Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal: A Modern Myth

Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal. This phrase, often coupled with a moderate political stance, demonstrates an individual’s support for LGBTQ+ rights and the pro-choice movement, but also support for conservative fiscal policies, such as lower taxes, small government, privatization, free trade, and deregulation of the economy. Support for this viewpoint can be found in Republican senator Marco Rubio saying he “would go attend a gay marriage,” and Republican senator Ted Cruz voicing support for states choosing their own marijuana


What the U.S. Can Learn From Canada’s Ruthlessly Pragmatic Immigration Policy

Immigration policy has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years and U.S. President Donald Trump’s increasingly inflammatory rhetoric about immigration has sparked nationwide debate over the fate of America’s future immigrants. Arguments over immigration are increasingly more extreme: more immigration is an immense threat to national security or illegal immigration is not intrinsically a problem and there should be no policies that expand immigration enforcement. Both are unrealistic and uninformed views on how the


Texas Republican Used Taxpayer Funds to Settle Sexual Harassment Scandal

Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX) used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim made by a former aide who sued him for sexual harassment in 2014, according to a Washington Post report. The amount totaled $84,000 and was taken from a little-known treasury department fund created to cover workplace settlements involving lawmakers. The suit was filed by his former communications director Lauren Greene, who accused Farenthold of making sexual comments aimed at Greene to determine if


Why The Environment Only Being A Leftist Concern is Frightening

In recent years, topics such as global warming, climate change and pollution have been heavily discussed. And for some reason, they are heavily controversial as well. When it comes to these topics, it seems as though conservatives are quick to deny and ignore them. A study once showed that over 58% of conservatives do not accept climate change. That’s not a surprise since several do not believe in global warming to begin with. It also does


Trump Party Is Over…Now What?

Trump supporters are still chanting, and protesters are still protesting (or window breaking ). The inauguration weekend is over and everyone, including the president himself, is left in a party daze that’s pleasant for some and deadly for the rest. However, the party hats and confetti must be put away because now begins the dawn of an intriguing four years… It’s no secret that this inauguration was very different from previous inaugural ceremonies. What was


The Future Leader of the Democratic Party May Just Be the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

  Who exactly is Pete Buttigieg? The name may not sound familiar, but the thirty-four-year-old politician has gradually begun to emerge onto the national scene through his work with the Democratic Party. A graduate of Harvard–and later, Oxford, the comparatively young mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has proven time and time again that he’s more than ready to take center stage in American politics. From being mentioned by President Barack Obama as a possible “contender”


Even Though He Lost the Democratic Primary, Bernie is Still Changing Our Nation for the Better

In terms of the Democratic Primary, America chose Hillary Clinton as their democratic candidate. But that’s old news. She will face her conservative opponent on the ballot in November. The democratic primary ended up going to the very end. Bernie Sanders didn’t stand down until the Democratic convention, refusing to go out before his campaign was formally over. However, once her victory was triumphed, the media dropped his name almost overnight. As is expected. The


Can’t All Political Parties Just Get Along?

  It is no secret that the political climate today in the US is very tense. Barely anything is being done in Congress due to overwhelming party loyalty, and a lack of willingness to compromise. As a result, the American people get screwed over. It seems that as political animosity, unfortunately, becomes more prevalent, the American people are forced to pay for it. This may come as a shock, but the general American public is

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