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Kamala Harris Joins Bernie Sanders on Medicare-for-All Bill

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced Wednesday that she will co-sponsor the Medicare-for-All bill that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to introduce later this month. Harris made her support clear in an Oakland town hall. “It is so much better that people have meaningful access to affordable health care at every stage of life, from birth on,” Harris said. “It’s not only about what is morally and ethically right, it also makes sense from a fiscal


Should Progressives Trust Cory Booker on Drug Policy?

Last week, Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) introduced the Marijuana Justice Act, a bill that would remove cannabis from the DEA scheduling system and encourage states to legalize the drug. Though a very liberal move, many find it questionable given how Booker was among the 13 Democrats who voted against Independent Senator Bernie Sanders’ amendment to import cheaper drugs from Canada. So skeptical progressives should ask: why the sudden change in drug policy? By following the


Is Senator Kamala Harris the Right Choice For 2020?

]In the past couple of weeks, the Democratic Party establishment has made clear who they have chosen to run in 2020: Kamala Harris. After 2 high profile meetings with Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors in ’08 and ’16, the senator is signaling a 2020 presidential bid. Harris has only been in office for a little over 200 days, but she has been on the political and law enforcement stage for virtually her entire life. She is a freshman


Bernie Sanders Still Wants You to Vote For Hillary Clinton

Alas, we’ve had another leak from one of our presidential candidates. Audio leaked from the Hillary Clinton camp with some telling information of how she really feels about Bernie Sanders’ supporters. This peaked my curiosity immediately. I’m very curious myself what both of the presidential candidates believe behind closed doors, so leaked audio is most likely the best way to strike Clinton’s candor. Firstly, she called some of Bernie Sanders’ campaigning as “false promises”, referring

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