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Government Shutdown to Continue as the Senate Adjourns Without Coming to an Agreement

The Senate adjourned Sunday night without agreeing on a resolution, extending the government shutdown into the third day. “We have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that is acceptable to both sides,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated. The Senate will continue to work towards a compromise before voting Monday. A bipartisan group of senators seemed to be progressing towards a compromise on Sunday, pushing for a plan to keep the government open


Trump Should Not Get a Free Pass on Sexual Harassment

The USA appears to be undergoing a transformation as a flood of accusations of sexual harassment against America’s beloved stars of Hollywood, trusted sources of news and commentary, and even those the country’s citizens elected into the hallowed halls of government, rocks the nation. Following the release of the New York Times’ article, “Louis C.K. Is Accuses by 5 Women of Sexual Misconduct” , TBS proceeded to announced it would suspend the production of Louis C.K.’s


Did You Forget About the Four Little Girls That Were Killed in a Church Bombing 54 Years Ago?

September is a month strained by tragedy, blood and innocent lives lost. The ninth month is remembered for 9/11, the dreadful day when a terrorist group coordinated attacks to hijack four different planes and crash them in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. There were a total of 2,978 victims killed. 9/11 will forever be remembered in the American history. However, 9/11 is not the only tragedy to occur in the month of September.


Arpaio Wants Conviction Erased From His Record, But Arizona Does Not Forget

President Trump might have pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio but Phoenix does not forget. During his service as the sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio used his power to target Latinos based on racial profiling. He became known for his racism and the harsh conditions in his county jail; in which he made inmates wear pink underwear (with the purpose of humiliating them) and white and black striped jumpsuits. Inmates had to live outdoors in


Trumps Silence Towards the Minnesota Mosque Bombing Further Solidifies His Underlying Islamophobia

Last Saturday, a homemade explosive device detonated in a Mosque in Minnesota, but, thankfully, no one was badly injured. Following the blatant hate crime, the Minnesota governor condemned the attack and rightfully labeled it an “act of terrorism”. However, the apparent President of the United States has yet to condemn nor speak on the attack. Although Trump has remained silent, the rest of the White House has not, with Trump’s deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka attempting to


How the Trump Administration Has Created “The Era of the Unknown” In Journalism

With all the talk of fake news and name calling of officials, Donald Trump has become the most controversial, obscene and upfront president in American history. The fact that he has isolated certain news networks and completely ignored advice from his aides shows how abrasive he is. He doesn’t seem to listen anyone else but himself, which is quite unheard of for a president. Trump’s split-second decision making has changed the way journalism works and


Trump Against Landowners: Will There be Lawsuits?

As we all know, President Trump has been bragging even since the start of the elections about the “great” wall he desires to build. This wall will supposedly, as Trump has stated, be built by Mexico itself. The barrier poses to be constructed along the border in order to stop illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. Some support, as some would disagree with the plan. Quite specifically, the ones whose private properties will be interfered


More and More Trump Supporters Are Regretting Their Vote

In a time of such a seemingly polarized socio-political climate, the two sides of American politics have not been so starkly contrasted since the times predating the civil war. Often it is easy for both sides to get lost in their own beliefs and agendas but the vast and very rapidly growing difference between the two sides and their inability to compromise is extremely dangerous to the very fabric of our society. Radicalization is typically

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Here Is What We Know About Trump’s New Budget

Here’s the thing: Trump’s ‘America First’ budget is ridiculous, assuming you’re the type of person who appreciates the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and programs that feed hungry senior citizens, and yes, it is not a balanced budget whatsoever and would certainly be detrimental in a multitude of ways. But before the internet explodes via fear-inducing Tweets, here’s a nice and non-catastrophic bundle of information that makes this budget a little less frightening (but not any


Stop Demeaning Journalists

Over this past week, a lot of controversy has surrounded Affinity due to old tweets from our founder that resurfaced. Many fellow writers have wrote amazing articles explaining the situation and separating themselves from the controversy. Therefore, I do not feel the need to justify anything or explain myself, however, I would like to say that the resurfaced tweets do not represent my views. Affinity is a site with a diverse group of writers and

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