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Stop Blaming Millennials For Screwing Up An Economy They Didn’t Create

Following the rise of technology and self-expression that has characterized millennials and Gen Z-ers, older age groups have started to push back against the changing times by blaming young people for everything wrong with society. A short refresher course on terminology: The term “millennial” is used to describe the demographic born between the years of 1981 and 1996. Anyone currently under the age of 22 is considered to fall under the category “Generation Z” (Gen


What the U.S. Can Learn From Canada’s Ruthlessly Pragmatic Immigration Policy

Immigration policy has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years and U.S. President Donald Trump’s increasingly inflammatory rhetoric about immigration has sparked nationwide debate over the fate of America’s future immigrants. Arguments over immigration are increasingly more extreme: more immigration is an immense threat to national security or illegal immigration is not intrinsically a problem and there should be no policies that expand immigration enforcement. Both are unrealistic and uninformed views on how the


CVS Is Preparing to Buy Aetna Health Insurance for $69 Billion

CVS is getting ready to acquire health insurance company Aetna for $69 billion, according to recent reports. This would continue the current trend of disrupting traditional divisions in the healthcare industry, which is already bracing for possible instability because of proposed changes to government programs like Medicare. It would also be one of the largest mergers in the history of the healthcare industry. CVS already provides some coverage through a pharmacy benefits manager, or PBM. PBMs


Could Legalizing Marijuana Help Save Economies in Coal Country?

There’s no denying it: areas which rely heavily on coal are at an economic tipping point. Employment in the coal industry peaked in the 1920s and has been in steady decline ever since, with coal production plunging to the lowest level in 35 years during 2016. Coal markets are competing with alternative and renewable energy sources and modernization, and jobs have been suffering as a result. Between 1983 and 2014, coal employment fell by 59 percent, and


An Interview with Benjamin Hoppe, a Teen Entrepreneur Changing the World Through Sustainable Business

Benjamin Hoppe, an 18-year-old entrepreneur, environmentalist, and dog lover, dedicates his life to staying true to his passion in order to better the planet. As we see the debate of climate change arising now, more than ever, Hoppe believes that “as a human being, we all have the responsibility to do our part; we have the responsibility to pass down the planet to future generations.” Though climate change and its effects are daunting, Hoppe devotes


Connected: How One Country Can Change The World Economy

With the rise of technology, the world has seen one of its most rapid changes in history. Now, instead of having to wait weeks or months to receive a letter, people can transmit messages in an instant with a simple click. Now, with the connectivity of a global village, international affairs have never been more important. In other words, countries have perhaps never been more reliant on each other than they are now. With the

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Small Business Saturday

As Thanksgiving is over, Christmas celebrators prepare for “the most wonderful time of the year.” So, according to capitalistic America, that means it’s time to get shopping and spending. Black Friday shopping is mostly associated with retail giants. Larger retail businesses like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, etc. can afford to go without big sales year-round, so when Black Friday sales, specials, and deals come around, there is major hype. Although the department sales typically last throughout

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