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Buying Innocence And A’s: Elitism At My Prep School

College preparatory schools—usually private—are often viewed as pretentious with their ridiculous tuition and fancy terms, such as “higher education.” As lavish as these environments might seem, the rules are very lenient. (Not when it comes to skirt length. No, administrators are adamant about girls’ dress code.) Rather, with the high education and tuition comes the obscenely high behavioral tolerance. Word gets around fast in a class of forty-five. I had just finished a biology test

Real Life

You Don’t Need to Get Into a “Prestigious” University to be Successful

With college application season in full swing, the familiar buzz of stressed-out seniors has returned to high schools all over the nation. Personal statements, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and extracurriculars are now topics of discussion during lunch. This is all pretty typical. However, in those lunch discussions, there’s been an increasing tendency of me hearing people say things along the lines of “I need to get into at least one Ivy!” or “You’re

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