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On The Reclamation Of Slurs

A slur, in its verb form, is most commonly defined as a word used to harm someone’s reputation by criticising them. This isn’t exactly true when we speak of slurs like the n word, f***ot or tr***ny, but it’s close enough that we still understand that a slur is clearly a bad word. It is used in a willful and purposeful verbal act that is used to damage someone, usually in terms of their reputation,


How A Society That Roots For White Male Underdogs Created Incel Subculture

Hell hath no fury like a single cis-het white man scorned. The Context One of the more dangerous trends to arise in recent years is characterized by the public sympathizing with and analyzing evil, sociopathic men. Specifically, ones that have targeted women. This is made evident by television’s overwhelming coverage of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, as well as Star Wars fans’ affinity for Kylo Ren that extends past just liking him “as


When The Feminism Conversation Gets Hypocritical

I recently happened to stumble upon the realization that certain qualities in women seem to entice admiration and profound respect, whilst other factors seem to garner more negative epithets. This dogmatic line of belief on what makes a woman “empowering” occurred to me as I overheard a young girl proudly declaring how she “never played with dolls” when she was younger and “always preferred toy soldiers.” What was interesting to me, however, was the prospect


Should National Budgets Take Gender Into Consideration?

A large number of wealthy countries like Britain take satisfaction in being active on policies that promote sexual equality. It has failed to fulfill such claims as the Women’s Budget Group, (a feminist group), has been “scrutinizing Britain’s economic policy since 1989.” A 2016 House of Commons Library report which is a research service, had suggested that over the years of 2010-2015 “women bore the cost of approximately eighty five percent of savings to the


Waist Trainers Don’t Actually Help You Lose Weight — The Unhealthy Truth

It’s not uncommon to walk into a ladies’ restroom and find more girls gathered around the mirror instead of in the stalls. Whether it’s fixing makeup up or doing hair: there’s always something to fix. Feeding off this mentality, is the growing popularity of corsets. Corsets have been around for 500 years, molding women’s bodies into whatever shape they desired. It was extremely popular in the 16th century as all aristocratic women strived for the inverted cone


The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament: Empowering Teenagers One At A Time

It’s Saturday, the first day of March Break at 7:00 AM and despite the early timing, the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) is already underway. The doors of the University of Toronto’s building are packed with students rushing in and out of the building, and a feeling of exhilaration and excitement are hanging in the air. Over 850 students – whether they are Muslim or not – travelled from across Ontario to attend the 10th annual


The Dangers of the ‘Cool Girl’

When I say ‘Cool Girl’ what do you think of? Perhaps Gone Girl‘s Amy springs into mind with her monologue of the Cool Girl – ‘the girl who adores football, dirty jokes, poker, burping,’ and to cut it short, everything that combines with the social construct of masculinity. But Cool Girl has various different definitions and as Amy perfectly concluded, they all link to the man. Stereotypically, the Cool Girl appeals to men because she

Real Life

The Statistical Probability of Having Only One ‘True Love’

Everyone romanticizes the concept of love and how it’ll be found, but in reality, if we’re speaking statistically, mathematic genius Peter Backus has discovered the science behind singledom – calculating that our chances of finding love are just one in 285,000. Ask yourselves the following… On my worst days, will you be there to hold me and comfort me? Can I put aside my issues to love you through yours? Will you share the silence


I Love Myself, And You Should Too

For all of middle and high school, I always felt small in comparison to my peers. I thought so highly of everyone else, but if I were asked to describe myself in a few words, I would use incredibly negative ones. I didn’t know the power of self-love or its worth. Going into college, I began to realize what I have to offer the world, and the only thing holding that back is myself. If


Musicians Who are Changing the Narrative

Music is a universal phenomenon that graces all generations in various ways. Will we ever understand it’s seemingly magical properties? Probably not. For Generation Z, our music has morphed into something indescribable. The different genres and musical outputs have connected, inspired and resonated with people, in ways never thought possible. It has sparked friendships, consoled the broken-hearted, and inspired the dreamers. However, a recurring theme is present in the Top 100 HITS, local radio stations,

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