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4 Natural Wellbeing Tips For Stress Management

It is incredibly important to take care of yourself. We often forget about this, as busy humans. That is until, one day, deadline dates seem to draw in closer and walls seem to close in a lot more faster. As many of us experience stress, it can become easier for us to simply dismiss signs of it. It can appear as though many of us live in a culture that upholds productivity to the extent that

Real Life

Exams Have Killed The Education System

I recently completed my mock exams in year 11 and while revising was not the way I wanted to spend my Christmas holiday, it gave me time to think about the exam system in the UK, and what it’s getting wrong. From the time we’re young, we’re told school is a place to learn new things. Education is supposed to be fun and innovative. However, as we grow up this changes, and ultimately school is

Mental Health

Why We Must All Know About ‘Mindfulness’

In life, we are all subjected to anxiety. Perhaps some may feel anxiety more intensely than others. After all, we each handle stress differently. The concept of mindfulness has been circulating for quite some time now. Lately, it has become popular in the media. Mindfulness is not some concept abused in order to sell products in  various stores. Mindfulness is not just a simple term to make coloring cool for marketing purposes. I looked into the

Mental Health

Being A Mentally Ill Student: Tips On Staying Sane During Exams

Exams season is almost upon us, and for everyone it is a very stressful time. But if, like me, you suffer from a mental illness, you’re probably dreading this even more. Unfortunately, schools don’t often offer special support for mentally ill students, and we are expected to deal with our exams and our mental health at the same time. It can be very hard and triggering. If it is the case for you, here are

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