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Stress. Credit: Ian Espinosa
Mental Health

This Mental Health Awareness Week, A Reminder On Dealing With Stress

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year is focused on stress, it’s key to remember top tips on dealing with stress from exams to work and home life to friendships. Dealing with an overload of stress can lead on to mental health problems from self-injury and even suicide. A study conducted by Mental Health Foundation revealed that 74% of people in the past year have at some point

Real Life

My Personal Experience With Scoliosis: The 3 Do’s and Don’ts

When we speak about physical disabilities, we usually touch upon the subject of cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, etc. However, we never acknowledge spinal deformities, specifically scoliosis. Some of us have never encountered the word or never learned about it in school. Now, what is scoliosis? What can you do about it? Scoliosis occurs when your spinal cord takes a side-to-side curvature resulting in an “S” or a “C” form. There are two types of scoliosis:

Real Life

Thin Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Up to 50% of all women are dieting at any given time. Up to 90% of teenagers diet regularly and up to 50% of younger kids have tried a diet at some point. These are bold statistics, but they’re fairly accurate. These days, most of us are obsessed with losing weight or maintaining our current weight, but what for? To impress someone? To fit into a small instead of a medium? To be healthy? Many

Mental Health

The Relationship Between Exercise And Mental Health

It has been said time and time before that exercise is beneficial to one’s mental health. You’ve heard it from doctors, therapists, counselors, family members, friends, and the internet. Exercise is often seen as a form of treatment for mental health problems. “Oh, you’re depressed? Why don’t you join an athletic sports team? Oh, you’re anxious? Why don’t you go for a jog around the block?” It is true that exercise releases endorphins, which can

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