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Where Has the Outrage for Missing Girls of Color Gone?

Back in late 2016 and early 2017, the media was in crisis mode– no I’m not talking about Trump. I am talking about the missing girls of color. Every single celebrity was tweeting or Instagramming about it. “Find our girls”, they would post. Everyone was also talking about it. Sharing photos of the young girls who have gone missing. People were outraged that this was happening. Throughout the year, there were fewer and fewer posts


5 Facts About Asexuals and Aromantics

While accurate representation is lacking for all in the LGBT+ community, it seems particularly lacking in a few specific areas. One that I’ve noticed, is for the asexual and aromantic communities. For those who may not know, asexuals don’t experience sexual attraction and aromantics don’t experience romantic attraction. Because there is practically no representation for these parts of the community, I thought that I would dispel some myths about them. As a disclaimer I should

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