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For Your Back-To-School List: Fairtrade Purchases And Ethics Education

Amidst end-of-summer insanity, it can be easy to lose ourselves in preparations for the year ahead. Between work and school, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done and accomplish what we had hoped. However busy autumn gets, we can’t lose sight of the things that are most important. Passion, love, family. The people in our lives, and the people that do things for us that we don’t ever see. Namely, third


A Look At Italy’s New Minister For Family

Italy, after months of crisis and changes of mind, finally managed to create a new government on June 1, when the new Prime Minister, together with the different Ministers making up the governing body, swore loyalty to the Constitution and the Republic. While there have been several elements about these elections that destabilized Italians, seeing the list of Ministers was perhaps the most shocking one. Lorenzo Fontana is the new Minister for Family and Disability. This man,

Mental Health

What It’s Like Being Bipolar During the Holidays

If someone ever asked me to describe what my brain feels like when I am having a manic episode, I would tell them that it is like shopping on Black Friday. There are thoughts racing through my head at speeds that I would otherwise think aren’t humanly possible — thoughts that trip over, trample, and fight each other over something that would be rather insignificant on any other day, and the voice of reason that

Three black femmes hugging against a yellow background. All are smiling.
Mental Health

How Your Loved Ones Can Help You with Your Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are not easy to live with. Living with someone with an eating disorder can be equally challenging. Meal times and exercise regimes can be hard to navigate, even for couples without eating disorders. A particularly insidious strain of eating disorder is the atypical form. As this does not involve being underweight, it can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors have dismissed normal or overweight anorexics or bulimics as people simply trying to get in

Mental Health

What It’s Like After a Loved One’s Suicide

There are certain moments in your life that, even in the moment itself, you know will forever define you as a person. These moments often come without warning, but you’re conscious of their significance as well as their fragility. You don’t get the luxury of a pause button, but you also don’t realize the expansive amount of time you have to take in the moment itself until you’ve spent it. You feel the pressure of

Mental Health

Dear Parents of Colour, You Need To Have an Open Dialogue With Your Kids Regarding Mental Health

Few people are privy to the fact that July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. As many people know, mental health is something that does not discriminate when it comes to race. Because of this, however, it can be and is much harder on children of colour who suffer from a mental illness(es) due to their ethnic backgrounds. As a person of colour myself, I can definitely attest to this. I’m the first generation daughter

Real Life

Hold Parents Responsible for Toxic Actions

I know how hard it is to live with abusive parents whether it be physical abuse, mental abuse or both it’s really scary and lonely. In a lot of cases, people feel like they have no one to turn to about these issues because people don’t take it seriously, dismiss it or whatever other reason someone may have. So the child feels neglected or dramatic, abuse in the home can lead to anxiety, depression and

Real Life

A Guide to Parenting From a Teenager

No child is born a racist, sexist, homophobic pig, but somehow Donald Trump exists. There are many factors that contribute to someone’s opinion; however, children’s opinions are commonly influenced by their parent’s. Although people are not born racist, growing up hearing racial slurs and things about white supremacy ultimately affect the mindset people have. Therefore, parents must be inclusive and accepting while teaching their children. Since I am fourteen, I do not have the most

Real Life

Having Siblings Means Having A Life Long Friend

I think we can all agree that having siblings is one of the most challenging, difficult and annoying things that a person can deal with, but at the same time, it’s a blessing. Almost every day I want to strangle my brother for shooting me in the forehead with a Nerf gun. Or I go off on my sister for borrowing my favorite sweater, without asking, and spilling something on it. Even though every single

Real Life

I Want My Kids To Know Their Roots, Both The Good And Bad

Being a young adult, specifically if you’re in your 20s or close to it, is an interesting time. On one hand, you still feel like a child in so many ways, but on the other hand, you are suddenly considered mature enough to start thinking about things like career, marriage, and kids. While I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want

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