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Feminism vs. Hyperfeminism In Pakistan: Where to Draw the Line?

I recently came across an Instagram post by a popular feminist page in Pakistan, and this is what its caption said: “From university campuses to mosques… where is a girl free of the moral police, pray tell?” This is what got me thinking that we urgently need to have a debate about whether or not this comparison is valid. Personally, I don’t consider the above mentioned argument valid and don’t agree with the claim


It’s 2018! Let’s Put a Stop To Ignoring the Harassment of Women

Verbal harassment is a very common event that occurs in many women’s lives but happens to be an overlooked aspect of sexism. Excuses are often made for people who catcall women, and the victims are blamed. Many think, “You weren’t physically touched, so it couldn’t have had that big of an effect on you, right?” however the effects it has on women are very real. Some excuse the cat callers’ actions by saying men just


In Today’s Society, Is It Reasonable For Women To Hate Men?

With the multiplication of third wave feminist movements in the last few years, the concept of women hating men is being brought up more and more often. In fact, it is often used as an argument against feminism, since according to anti-feminists wanting women and men to be equal equates to hating men. In the same vein, these same women are often called “feminazis,” as in the extreme misandrist version of feminists. Despite it being

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