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5 Asian Americans Who Are Taking Over the Media

With every passing year, the U.S. increases in its diversity and the “melting pot” that is immigrant culture continues to enrich every aspect of American life; unfortunately, there are many Americans who refuse to appreciate the contributions of those who come from a different backgrounds, still the negativity of such people is but an obstacle. Asian Americans played a pivotal role in connecting the vast nation with railroads in the 19th century despite the hostility


Forgotten Filipino Heroines That Shaped History

As many popular Filipinas continue to dominate in the beauty pageant and film industry, they’re building many bridges for young Filipino girls to succeed in the same career path. Indeed they are a huge part of creating a brighter future for young girls, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that without the women of the past, there wouldn’t be a future! History textbooks are mostly comprised of male figures who have participated in making the foundation

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