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Opinion: High School Doesn’t Prepare Teens For Adulthood

While in school, how many times do you find yourself asking somebody, “When will I ever use this in life?” When you’re sitting in Algebra and are told to find the slope of an equation in standard form, do you groan and tell your teacher that learning this has no purpose? You’re probably right. Unless you’re going to become an engineer or a computer programmer, odds are you won’t need any math skills beyond basic


Time is Money: How You Can Start Saving Now

Many teenagers or even young adults do not understand the basics of finance, and it is really not their fault. Taxes, bills and investments usually signal adulthood and often times are ignored by high schools who do not offer basic economics classes, which causes teenagers to think that ‘money stuff’ is for adults. Unfortunately, the most important part to spending money is starting early, regardless of age. So, to fill in for the flaws of

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