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National Emergencies That The Government Should Actually Be Focusing On

On February 15, President Trump declared a national emergency on the border with Mexico to access the $5.7 billion that Congress refused to give him for his promised southwestern border wall. The declaration resulted from a two-month long government shutdown that was essentially the accumulation of the President’s temper tantrum over not getting exactly what he wanted. The thing is, there are far worse emergencies in the U.S. than border control at the southern border.

Real Life

This Year’s New Diet Fad Is “Raw Water”

It’s a new year, which means that everyone on the telly is telling you to lose weight. You’re not good enough with those few pounds on you, are you? Maybe you should shed them. That’d make you into a better person, wouldn’t it? You’d be a better wife/mother/student/husband/daughter/cousin/son if you weren’t so damn chubby, wouldn’t you? It’s easy to hijack the “New Year New Me” vibe with incessant and incoherent fatphobia that’s alluring enough to


Beyond The Hashtag: Issues Don’t End Once They Become Irrelevant To Privileged People And Twitter Trolls

2017 was a year full of hashtags and havoc, as we’ve seen the correlation between social media and social issues thicken. With Trump’s presidency and the following consequences, many have taken to Twitter to express their opinions and beliefs, neglecting the old-fashioned journalism that many may have been used to. For the first time ever, social media was used as a medium, a news outlet and a way to follow what’s going on in the


Did You Forget About Flint?

Mari Copeny, reigning Little Miss Flint and Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March, took to Twitter on July 26 to remind the world that it has been 1,1888 days or approximately 3.2 years since Flint residents had access to clean, safe water. It has been 1,188 days since Flint has had clean safe water #FlintWaterCrisis #MAGA pic.twitter.com/ygT3Xd1hSA — Mari Copeny (@LittleMissFlint) July 26, 2017 Another Twitter user also utilized the social media platform’s capabilities to

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Flint Residents Have to Pay for Water That Is Still Not Clean

Flint residents are being burned yet again by the state government. Even though Flint’s water is still not safe enough to drink without a filter, residents had to resume paying for the contaminated water since March 1. Unsurprisingly, this has sparked much outrage from the community that is still negatively affected by the crisis. The Flint Water Crisis arose in 2014 after it was discovered that the water being distributed to Flint residents contained high


Flint’s New Court Proposal Will Ensure Clean Water By 2020

After 4 agonizing years of lead contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, the court struck a proposal to replace the 18,000 contaminated pipes by 2020. BREAKING: Court agreement reached to replace 18,000 water lines in lead-contaminated Flint by 2020. — The Associated Press (@AP) March 27, 2017 The repairments will cost up to $97 million dollars along with free water bottle services. Water distributions centers will run from Monday through Saturday, providing Flint citizens with filters and

Photo by: Jake May/AP

The Racism Within The Flint Water Crisis

In April of 2014, Flint, Michigan, switched it’s water supply over to the Flint River instead of relying on water from Detroit’s water system. Residents immediately complained of yellowish-brown tap water that smelt bad and did not taste right. The government ignored them. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder did not take any action until fall of 2015. That’s over one whole year of residents complaining of unsafe tap water while being ignored by the government. Michigan’s

Image by USA Today

Racism Is In The Air… Literally

By now, you have most likely heard about the Dakota Access Pipeline along with other cases such as the Flint water crisis, both situations lacking a resolution despite the 2 years that have passed. Unfortunately, these are only some of the environmental and health issues that minorities face. Time and time again studies have shown that lower income minorities are the groups that are the most exposed to hazardous environments. Urban decay, toxic waste, and


It’s Much Bigger Than Flint: How Environmental Racism is Real and Everywhere

Mainstream media may be through with the issue, but we all can remember December 14, 2015: the day Flint, Michigan declared a state of emergency due to dangerously high levels of lead in the drinking water. It is no longer in the headlines, but for residents of Flint, the nightmare is ongoing. Now, there are allegations that the EPA should have declared a state of emergency much sooner than it did. But in the midst of


Why Isn’t Anybody Talking About Flint?

Little Miss Flint Over two years ago the city of Flint, Michigan made national news for the unsafe conditions of their water after the city switched where they were receiving their water from. While the news surrounding Flint has died down within those two years, the conditions of the city’s water supply haven’t actually gotten any better. Thousands upon thousands of people are still struggling to live their day-to-day lives without clean and safe water.

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