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Florida Has Allegedly Been Accepting Political Favors Instead of Having Coverage For Sick Kids

I know what you’re thinking: wow, another headline with the word, “Florida,” in it. This must be horrible, yet also dumb and hilarious. Usually, this is the case and as a Floridian myself, I have experienced my fair share of weird news that comes out of my state. For right now, though, I want you to forget all of the bias that you associate with Florida. This is not your average Floridian news story; it


Confederate Plaques Removed From Daytona Beach

Photo courtesy of Jim Tiller and the Daytona Beach News-Journal There is no better way to start off a Friday morning than to remove a couple of Confederate plaques from a tourist-infested park. Public work crews spent the morning of Friday, Aug. 18 stripping Daytona Beach’s Riverfront Park of three Confederate markers that honored soldiers from Volusia County that fought for the South in the Civil War. The quiet removal of the plaques came as

Real Life

Why Aramis Ayala Is A True Girl Boss

Not many good things come out of Florida. Coming from someone who was born and raised in this hell of a peninsula, it can be a joyous occasion when something or someone good comes out of it. One of those good things is the first African-American state attorney, Aramis Ayala.  Not only has she made history with her position but she has one amazing story with her journey to obtaining a law degree was halted by

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