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Are Online Friendships Positive or Negative?

With the invention of the Internet came the opportunity to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at our fingertips, which resulted in the possibility of having online relationships. Back in August 2015, Pew Research Center senior research specialist Amanda Lenhart brought out a report in which it was stated that 57% of teenagers in between the ages of 13 and 17 have made a friend online but only 20% of them have had the opportunity to meet in person.

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Mental Health

How Your Loved Ones Can Help You with Your Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are not easy to live with. Living with someone with an eating disorder can be equally challenging. Meal times and exercise regimes can be hard to navigate, even for couples without eating disorders. A particularly insidious strain of eating disorder is the atypical form. As this does not involve being underweight, it can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors have dismissed normal or overweight anorexics or bulimics as people simply trying to get in

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What Caused Me to “Ghost” My Best Friend

Last year, I became very close with a friend at college. We hadn’t known each other for very long but we developed a close bond very quickly given that we would spend pretty much every class together and hang out afterwards. We experienced a lot together, opening up to each other when we were at our lows and always offering a helping hand towards one another whilst having a laugh at the same time. Though

Real Life

5 Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Friendships believe it or not, are sometimes stronger than family bonds. Many people can attest to this for multiple reasons – dysfunctional families, communication problems among other things. I personally can relate to this but not because there’s a problem with my family, I just find myself spending more time and venting about personal things to my best friend. Coming across good friends is not an easy thing but finding toxic people seems to be facile. It takes


Friends and How I Met Your Mother Desperately Need Reboots

“Growing up is realizing Rachel shouldn’t have gotten off the plane.” For a long time, Friends was one of my favorite TV shows. I remember being 11 years old and watching it every single day after school, laughing at every joke because it was just so funny to me. Watching Friends, at 15 , with a lot more social awareness was pretty jarring. Why the hell was a show set in New York City during

Real Life

Five Reasons Why Internet Friendship Is The Best

Internet friendship is a fairly new phenomenon, with the rise of smartphones and technology within the past few years. From the outside, it looks like nothing more than antisocial teenagers looking for a distraction from a life of monotony, but only the people on the inside know that true connections and bonds are being made. These are five reasons why internet friendship is just as important as traditional friendship. Personality First: We live in an

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Coffee: America’s Favorite Drug

While browsing through social media nowadays, one is almost sure to encounter the typical pictures portraying a study set of some sort. Any ad or invite is decorated with hipster-looking coffee mugs next to a small laptop and some stacks of paper. This portrays the modern image of how our lives are supposed to be: Filled with work and a cute little coffee mug at our side. The question is, why and when did coffee

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The Importance Of Having A Diverse Group of Friends

As kids, we probably became friends with the first person who smiled at us, shared their cookie, or told us that we were their best friend the first day we met them. As we get older not all of the friends we first met in kindergarten stick around with us. We all change, develop different interests, and we all grow differently. Due to this, we end up drifting off from some of our old friends

Real Life

How To Gift Shop For Friends And Family While On A Budget

The holiday season is upon us! You’ve always heard that it’s better to give than to receive, and that’s true! It feels great to give and see a persons face light up with joy, but giving can also hurt. Especially when you’re on a budget. Times are hard, and your friends and family will understand that! Everyone has been there before, but here are a few ways to give your pals and loved ones some


Open Letter to my ‘Friends’ who Support Trump

Dear ‘friend,’ I have always supported you. I was always there for you. I don’t think it’s crazy to expect that back. Yes, I do respect different opinions. No, I don’t care if you have more Republican values. Yes, I understand that you don’t trust Hillary. I still don’t think I’m being unreasonable. I am a minority. You know that. You know Trump doesn’t like people like me. By supporting him, you remove your support

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