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Being a Trans Man and Dating a Football Player: Lessons Learned

While we adjusted quickly, the world around us did not. The first day we held hands, I remember someone approaching us... he barely knew A himself, but he felt comfortable enough to say this: "Why do you even like her?" He brushed it off, but it stayed in my mind. Later, he was asked more and more inappropriate, intimate questions about my body


Dear Straight People: Stop Pinning Homophobia On “Closet Cases”

Dear straight friend reading this, if you consider yourself an ally, take a quick moment to yourself, and think: When was the last time you interpreted someone’s homophobic outburst as “a closet case” with a smug smile on your face? The last time you assumed a toxically masculine straight man using the f-slur was just “secretly gay” and “in denial,” completely content with yourself not only for being observant enough to scope it out, but


These Are The “Hidden Figures” In LGBT Activism

With India’s supreme court ruling to finally make gay intercourse legal in September, and the landslide of legalizations concerning homosexuality in 2016 and 2017, it seems as though after years the tide is finally turning in favor of those who are LGBT. (Even though transgender people still have some laws to fight before gaining access to the full scope of human rights.) As we look to the future for progress, we need to give credit

Pride. Credit: Dmitrij Paskevic
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What Did We Learn From Genderquake?

With the recent showing of the reality television show, Genderquake and the debate that followed, the identity of gender has been headlining across the world. The reality show on Channel 4 saw eleven individuals of different gender identities live together in a house for a week. Although the concept is meant to educate people across the globe about the gender spectrum rather than the concept of two genders, I discovered that even in the LGBTQ+


Why Black Homosexuality is Not a Negative Attribute

No matter how much pseudo-intellectuals may try to urge it, debates based on controversial topics have never been tranquil. People, especially when arguing a point that they believe so deeply in, are not prone to be phlegmatic. Religion and politics are never encouraged to be discussed in the workplace, simply because beliefs like those are fairly unshakable, and a disagreement between two passionate people could lead to a colossal rift. Unlike the workplace, social media


Adam Rippon is the First Openly Gay U.S. Athlete to Qualify for the Winter Olympics

Within the last 10 years, there have been multiple LGBTQ+ athletes from the U.S., such as Jillion Potter, Kelly Griffin, Elena Delle Donne and Seimone Augustus at the Rio 2016 Olympics; Lisa Raymond and Megan Rapinoe at the London 2012 Olympics; Lauren Lappin, Vicky Galindo and Natasha Kai at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. However, Adam Rippon will be the first LGBTQ+ male athlete to represent the US, and one of few openly gay athletes to participate

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Social Media Isn’t The Problem — We Are

Nowadays, nearly everyone with a smart phone has a Snapchat. The social media forum has taken the app market by storm and is being used by parents and children alike. While the dog filter and face swap tool are seemingly innocent updates Snapchat has added to it’s arsenal, we can’t help but wonder whether Snapchat is putting its users in danger. During the summer of 2017, Snapchat released “Snap Map”, a feature where users could

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How My Stereotypes Only Made Me Stronger

The definition of a stereotype is “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing,” but we all know that stereotypes are so much more than that. Stereotypes degrade, defame, humiliate, and break down their victims by attacking the core of their being, whether it be race, gender, sexuality, etc. And the worst thing about a stereotype is that you can never escape them or change

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Why Do We Stereotype? We Need To Look at the Root of the Problem

A stereotype is, by definition, “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” Nowadays we seem to automatically assume stereotypes are bad things. Granted, they usually are, but stereotypes can also help people discover what colleges they like, what cities they want to visit, and more. Stereotyping isn’t reserved for identifying people. Before you hate me, let me explain. Psychologically, humans create these stereotypes so

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Men, The Media And Insecurities

This photo has no FaceTune, nothing done to it except a filter and sharpened. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, up until about February 2014, posting a photo of my whole face was something I’d rarely do, I’d post half a face full of editing and bad lighting so you couldn’t actually see my face. It took me SO many attempts to get an acceptable one. I slowly got out

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