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Angela Merkel’s Fourth Term as German Chancellor Is Going To Be Difficult

Angela Merkel, who some hail as the most powerful woman in the world, just won her victory as chancellor for a fourth term in Germany on Sunday. That was completely expected, as she’s been popular beyond belief for the last few years and Germany has prospered under her reign. Let’s rewind a few months back to when Emmanuel Macron won the French Presidency. A centrist who just defeated Marine Le Pen, a major far-right candidate


Twitter Fails To Remove Hateful Tweets

Imagine enjoying a walk in Hamburg, Germany and as you look to the ground, there is an array of hateful tweets spray painted onto the brick ground. You then realize that you’re in front of the Twitter office. This is the reality in Germany because of one man. Hateful tweets were spray painted onto the ground by Shahak Shapira because after flagging these tweets, Twitter decided there was nothing wrong with them and did not


The Expansion of Trump’s America

Ever since June 16, 2015 – the day that Trump officially ran for president – all eyes have been on America. News of Donald Trump’s antics have been on almost every network worldwide at some point or another. Reports covering everything from the debates, his “nasty woman” comment, his pussy grabbing scandal, and his issues with the IRS flooded the news circuit until only few believed that Trump ever had a chance of winning the


Nine Deceased & Fifty Injured in Fatal Car Accident at a Berlin Christmas Market

Upon the evenfall of Monday, December 9th, 2016, a witness-identified vehicle parading a Polish license plate veered into a marketplace commemorating the holiday season—chiefly, Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Reportedly, the catastrophe transpired in the bustling public square of Breitscheidplatz, stationed in Western Berlin, Germany. Albeit the tally for causalities are uncompromisingly increasing, nine individuals are confirmed to be deceased at the bloodstained hands of the lorry’s operator, whilst approximately fifty injured are on the mend with

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