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How This Summer Gave The World A Taste Of Climate Change

The global heat wave that struck the world this summer has gotten a lot of media attention, particularly through its relation to climate change. But how exactly does this summer stick out and why is it a strong demonstration of global warming? If you haven’t been keeping up with the heat wave news, here’s a quick break down of the ways that this summer has shown the world how climate change isn’t something of the distant


Want to Visit Palau? First, You Have to Sign Environmental Pledge

Palau is the first nation on earth to “change immigration laws for the cause of environmental protection.” From now on, visitors of the country must sign a passport pledge promising to act in an ecologically responsible way. To quote the official website, “A pledge of, for, and by Palau’s children.” The pledge is not only a monumental step forward in the battle to conserve our climate, but Palau delivers its message with elegance and sincerity.


Global Flooding Is Inevitable. How Can We Help?

You may be feeling very comfortable in your current position. You have aspirations: a career dream, family ideals, relationship goals. In terms of your children, I’m sure you’d want them to have the same opportunities as you. What if I was to tell you that climate change could impact the way your children and their children live their lives? One of the main contenders that isn’t talked about enough is global flooding. We have a


Your Dinner Is the Leading Cause of Climate Change

In 2006, the United Nations reported that rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars. This report explained that at the current rate, breeding and raising cattle produces more greenhouse gases than all modes of transportation combined due to the high amounts of Methane gas livestock produces. This places animal agriculture as a direct and leading causes of climate change. So what part of your dinner, and/or lunch and breakfast causes a long time

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Food Redistribution Could Save the Planet – and Lives

It’s no secret that the United State of America are pioneers in the act of destroying our planet – our country, while only makes up 5% of the population, annually produces 40% of the world’s waste. With ignorant politicians claiming that global warming is a hoax and your favorite foods coming packaged in pounds of plastic, it may seem like we will never be able to reverse the harmful actions put upon our planet. But


The Meat Industry’s Secretly Harmful Effects on the Environment

Animal agriculture is responsible for around 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions, yet it seems as though more emphasis is put on taking shorter showers than lowering animal product consumption. Issues like fracking and domestic consumption of water are often emphasized in the national conversation about droughts and water. However, while fracking requires between 70 and 140 billion gallons of water annually (which is definitely a lot), the livestock industry consumes over 55 trillion gallons


Trump Withdrawing the U.S. from Paris Agreement

President Trump announced his plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord on Thursday, removing the U.S. from the global fight against climate change. The Paris Agreement, signed on Nov. 4, 2016,  “brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects, with enhanced support to assist developing countries to do so.” The goal of the agreement is to keep the global temperature rise less than


Why The Environment Only Being A Leftist Concern is Frightening

In recent years, topics such as global warming, climate change and pollution have been heavily discussed. And for some reason, they are heavily controversial as well. When it comes to these topics, it seems as though conservatives are quick to deny and ignore them. A study once showed that over 58% of conservatives do not accept climate change. That’s not a surprise since several do not believe in global warming to begin with. It also does

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The Owner of Coachella Opposes LGBT+ Right, Denies Climate Change, And Enables Cultural Appropriation

Throw away your flower crowns, pack up your tents, and drive away from Indio. The famous music festival Coachella, the epicenter of cultural appropriation and capitalism, is not all fun and games. Coachella is under the ownership of AEG, a corporate giant who owns and operates several sports teams, venues, and music events. Philip Anschutz, the owner of AEG, is suspected to have donated his profits to questionable groups. The pro-LGBT group Freedom for All Americans


Trump Plans to Repeal Plan That Limits Climate Change from the US

The Clean Power Plan, announced by President Obama and the United States Environmental Protection Agency in August of 2015, limits carbon pollution from power plants, the country’s largest source, but also maintains sustainability, reliability, and affordability due to the fact that each state has “customized goals to cut the carbon pollution that is driving climate change.” The Clean Power Plan was “Obama’s signature program to deal with climate change.” And it’s about to be repealed

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