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The Abuse of Qualified Immunity Within the Police Force

The limitations of qualified immunity for police officers have always been a hot topic in United States. The concept of qualified immunity is known as a form of defense for government officials as well as for police officers when they are sued for infringing citizens’ constitutional rights. Citizens need to be aware that only individuals are able to declare qualified immunity against proceedings, not governments. If ever they sue both the police officers and government, then they can still


Utah’s National Parks May Be Destroyed by None Other Than Trump

President Donald Trump is planning to drastically scale two national monuments in Utah. According to the Washington Post, Bears Ears national park, which is currently 1.35 million acres, could be shrunk by 85 percent, and the 1.9 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante national park will also be reduced by 85 percent. Trump will be announcing the proposal when he visits Salt Lake City today (Monday, December 4, 2017). This announcement arrives after Trump requested that


New Gun Legislation Should Have Been Passed Sometime in the Last Five Years

On Dec. 14, 2012, America was shocked when 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed a total of 28 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After this horrific event, many parents, congressmen and legislators gathered together to enforce stricter gun laws — laws that would have prevented something like this from happening. It seemed like common sense, right? Previous mass shootings like Columbine, Aurora and Virginia Tech raised the issue of gun control as the years went on


Hundreds Injured in Catalonia By Spanish Police

Thousands of Catalans have defied the Spanish government by taking part in a banned referendum for Catalan independence from Spain today. Reportedly, 337 people had been injured as a result of police brutality towards voters and the panic that ensued afterwards. Spokesman @jorditurull: "337 people have been injured by the Spanish state police violence. We ask them to file a complaint with @mossos" — Catalan Government (@catalangov) October 1, 2017 These events come following a


This Is What Living In North Korea Is Really Like

Scary rhetoric is regularly exchanged between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump. Between threats of “Fire and Fury’ and regular ballistic missile tests, lie the lives of 24 million North Koreans; all with families, friends and loved ones. Life in North Korea is about schedule and following the law, or perhaps, not getting caught if if you don’t. Power is off-and-on at best, and food is becoming increasingly scarce. People

source: huffpost.com
Mental Health

Teenage Stress Levels Are Rapidly Increasing, It’s Time We Stop Ignoring the Effect Stress Has on Teens

The average High School teenager today has the same level of anxiety and stress as a 1950’s Psychiatric patient. Which, oddly enough, makes sense considering how many commitments, homework and exams teens now face; whether it’s upcoming SATs, GCSEs or A-Level exams, the amount of pressure placed on teenagers in school to do well is so exponential that it’s not only played a role in the depression rates increasing by 37% among teens in the


Jakarta’s Governor Post-Election Vibes Are Problematic

On April 19, 2017 Indonesians experienced the most intense governor election consisting of two candidates, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) and Anies Rasyid Baswedan. Ahok is a current governor for Jakarta and a Chinese-Christian (a mass minority in Indonesia) while Anies is a former Minister of Education for the country. However, that is not the reason why it is so intense. Ahok was accused of alleged blasphemy for criticizing Muslims that forced other Muslims not to vote for him by


Marijuana To Be Legalized In Canada by July 1, 2018

The legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical usage has been a recurring hot topic globally for years. From the hippies and free thinkers of the new age in the 70s to people nowadays- consumption of marijuana and the THC it contains that gets the user high is almost normalized, in some places more than others. While only a handful of U.S. states have medical marijuana legalized, an even smaller amount (just 8 out


4 Politicians That Will Restore Your Faith In American Politics

With the culture of political distrust and government backlash the United States has been experiencing in recent times, it seems as if all politicians can be branded as corrupt. Although none of these politicians are by any means perfect, these political figures possess a certain level of badass that may make you have slightly more faith in American politics again. Kyrsten Sinema Popularly dubbed as the “woman of firsts,” Congresswoman Sinema is the first openly

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