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A Graduate’s Guide to Taking a Year Off

Many students will be graduating this year in May, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably stressing about life after high school. First things first, life as an adult can be hard. It’s not something many kids realize until they turn 18, but almost in an instant, your life will change whether you’re prepared or not. My senior year of high school, I made the bold decision to follow my dreams of becoming a

Real Life

Reflecting Back On The Past Four Years of High School

The graduation music plays, the bright spotlight shines, and all of the memories I have made over the past four years plays back in mind. I could’ve sworn just yesterday I was a scared freshman who felt out of place. I could’ve sworn just yesterday I thought high school would be the four worst years of my life. Although high school came with several mental breakdowns, some heartbreak, lots of stress and disappointment, it truly

Real Life

A Message To Upcoming Seniors: Now Is Not the Time To Give Up

So your senior year is coming up — you can see the future. Your freedom is reachable. The world is at your fingertips. You’ve been waiting for this moment since you were five. The ability to see what you could become and the reassurance that you would get there. It’s all so close, you can almost taste it. But you start becoming relaxed with school. It’s your senior year. What are they going to do,

Real Life

What To Do About Leaving High School With Regrets

The first thing I learned before I entered high school in the oh-so-long-ago fall of 2013 was to never leave high school with regret. This piece of sage advice was relayed to me by a family friend who had previously graduated from high school a few years ago. Well, I’m a month away from graduating, and can safely say that I have a considerable amount of regrets about things I’ve done, things I didn’t do,

Real Life

How to Keep Calm During your Senior Year

High School is stressful enough to begin with. Too much homework, not enough sleep, after school activities, it can all be too much. But senior year can be a whole other level. For me, I slacked my Freshman year, which screwed everything up. I was too short in credits, having to retake classes, I felt like an idiot. But that is not true. I knew I was smart I was not just applying myself to


High Schools, Start Supporting Community College

Like many of you, I’m sure, I attended a high school that pushed the name brand universities. As I sat in my guidance counselor’s office my junior year, I panned the white-washed brick walls: Harvard, Penn State, Boston University, Boston College, Rutgers, Northeastern, Steven’s Institute of Technology, NYU. My choices? Pace University, University of Texas at Austin, Montclair State University, Hofstra University. Community college wasn’t even an option. Fast forward 2 years and here I

Real Life

Here’s to the Ones Who Don’t Have Plans After High School

I know the feeling; the feeling of stagnancy and ineptitude. That self-loathing that you just can’t seem to shake. The mini panic attacks residing in a compilation of words – “Am I good enough?” “Will I make something of myself?”- or Instagram posts thrust upon us by our seemingly more “put-together” former classmates. There’s nothing worse than the thought that you’re, in the words of my mother, “floundering.” But for all of those who have

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