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To Parents of Depressed Children

Having a child who is suffering from a mental illness can be worrying, tiring, and stressful — especially if they’re a teenager since their feelings are already all over the place. Most of the time, your child won’t tell you what is wrong, why they had a bad day, or why they’re sobbing in their bedrooms in the dark. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to help or even be around them. Here are

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Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Earlier this year, the National Health Service, commonly known as the NHS, reached its platinum milestone, celebrating its 70th birthday. The National Health Service is the organization run by the British government to supply free and easy healthcare to all citizens of the United Kingdom. The healthcare has been a vital value of the U.K. within the 70 years of being created, supplying free and quick care to all, regardless of class, age, gender, religion

Mental Health

Stop Telling Suicidal People They Are Selfish

CW: this article will touch on subjects that may be triggering for some people. Please, if you know the following content could have any kind of negative impact on you, read with extreme caution or not at all.   In light of the release of Netflix’s new original series “13 Reasons Why”, many people seem to be taking suicide and its prevention way more seriously than before (because, apparently, the growing suicide rates weren’t enough).


AP and IB Classes: Behind the Scenes for a Good Choice

First off, there’s a specific point that needs to be made. Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes serve a similar purpose with different techniques: pushing a more intensive curriculum for students who want a higher level education. With all the information about to be thrown at you, understand that neither of these are better or worse than the other. What makes an education less beneficial is how that student utilizes the information. Every teacher you


Bahamian Orphanage Facing Devastation

When one thinks of the Bahamas, they most likely think of paradise, beaches, and expensive vacations. In Nassau, there is a special area hidden from many called the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home. The Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home provides education and shelter for children growing up without parents. Established in 1992, the main mission is to give children a life worth living. Because of the work done by the children’s home, more Bahamian adults are thriving

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Ten Tips If You’re Dealing With Homesickness At College

It’s January and you’re back to school after almost a month at home for Christmas. Though you enjoyed being cooked for and sleeping in your own bed, you probably eventually got bored at home and started craving the freedom you’d experienced in your first term. A few weeks into the new year however, you may start to notice that things are getting to you a lot more than they previously had. You’re fed up with how messy

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Things I Learned From My Suicide Attempt

Teenagers in this millennium era are more likely to insert suicide as an option to heal their heartbreaks, or in a harsher phrase, end them. As more concrete proof, in 2014, the Jason Foundation found that suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24, as well as the second leading cause of death for college-age youth. They also found that four out of five teenagers who have attempt suicide have shown clear symptoms


How You Can Help With #NoDAPL From Home

If you have access to the internet, or have watched the news recently you are aware of what’s happening in North Dakota. If you live under a rock, allow me to fill you in a bit: The Dakota Access pipeline is a 1,885km crude oil delivery pipeline running from Bakken, North Dakota, to Patoka, Illinois. If said pipeline is completed it will transport 570,000 gallons of oil everyday. People are protesting this pipeline with good

Mental Health

No One Has To Go Through Anything Alone

There’s this girl I know who I used to think of as really shy. She was subtle when it came to speaking up, but she had these thoughts and every word of these thoughts had an exclamation point. Oh how I wish she would yell them out so people would get an idea, a believable experience of what it’s truly like to have voices in your mind. Voices that dictate your actions, relations, overall communication (verbal or

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