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Social Security Explained, in Brief

“Social Security” is a foreign and scary phrase for many young people. Though many of said young people may have a Social Security card, odds are most can’t say exactly what purpose it serves, or how it benefits them. However, the program is an important foundation of American financial coverage, and key to planning for the future. Over 80 Decades of Coverage The concept of Social Security officially started in 1935, when President Franklin D.


The World’s Largest Child Sacrifice Site May Have Been Discovered

Bones dug under the sand; this is what is left of hundreds of children and llamas that have been laying in Peru’s northern coast, forgotten for around 550 years. The remains of more than 140 children and 200 llamas were found on a cliff in the north-west coast of Trujillo, the third largest city in Peru; the site, Huanchaquito-Las Llamas, had already become known in 2011 for similar discoveries. Since then, excavations have uncovered this massive number of victims, which were, accordingly, all


Prostitution: An Identity Or A Stigmatized Profession?

Prostitution is the world’s oldest trade. Throughout history, the sale of sex has been a necessity for some and a major point of contention for others. More often than not, the victims of the system are working class women who are subjected to humiliation and degradation, from their abusers and the authorities alike. Before the 18th century, the term referred to any woman who took part in sex outside of wedlock, but by the 1700’s the term became


A Reflection on Our Nation’s History: The Bill of Rights and How Its Amendments Came To Be

Reflecting on the past year, it can certainly feel that the nation is more divided than ever. From the turmoil that resulted from an emotional and tumultuous election to recent gun shootings, all the while with the threat of natural disasters and climate change hanging over everyone’s heads. During these hardships, it’s important to take a step back and think about how this great nation came about. The struggles America’s founders endured and the documents they wrote


At Least 25 Confederate Monuments Are Being Removed in Response to Charlottesville

Following the protests and violence in Charlottesville, (wherein groups of torch-bearing alt-right protesters gathered for a “Unite the Right” rally which quickly became violent when James Alex Fields drove a car into a crowd of people, killing one and injuring 19), citizens, reportedly, began pressuring their city officials to take down remaining Confederate monuments, therefore, despite Trump’s blatant adoration for these disgusting statues (or as he described them: “beautiful” monuments which “will be greatly missed”) at least


Portland, Oregon: Built Upon Racism, Perpetuates Racism

Portland, Oregon is widely accepted as a hippy, left-wing, liberal utopia. Where people of all skin color, religion, sex, gender identity are accepted — an oasis of peace, love, and happiness. I mean, after all, downtown Portland held a riot that got national attention in resistance to trump being elected as president. However, being a biracial, bisexual boy who went to school in downtown Portland, I can tell you it is not what it is


Stoned Chinese Emperors and Gatsby Era Reefer Songs: The Blunt Truth About Marijuana

Marijuana has been at the forefront of many political debates recently. With the amount of attention and controversy surrounding it lately, it seems like the substance and use of the substance is newfangled. In reality, marijuana has been an important factor in the health and psychedelic transports for millennia. The first recorded use of reefer dates all the way back to 2737 BCE when Chinese emperor Sheng Nung wrote about its uses to treat malaria,

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Why History Is Anything but Boring

History is often stereotyped as the most boring class that everyone falls asleep in. This is truly a shame, considering how, in reality, history is anything but boring! To me, history is an ongoing series of epic stories and characters interwoven together; there are everyday underdogs doing the extraordinary, villains that we love to hate on, and different groups uniting to fight injustice. History permeates our culture, values, and identities. It’s reflected in our families, the


Attacking Far-Right Praxis: A Crash Course on Antifa

Black bandanas. Black hoodies. Black ski masks, clear chemical safety goggles. Black gloves. Black power. Brown berets. Through a history of radical leftism, Antifa, or anti-fascist activism, takes direct action in order to combat oppressive structures. In order to understand Antifa, you need to understand fascism: extreme right-wing nationalist ideologies rooted in Italian dictatorship over communities of marginalized people created during the era of genocidal, supremacist leader Benito Mussolini. Fascism directly promotes imperialism, traditionalism, totalitarianism,


Between Black and White: What Life Was Like for Other Races During the Racial Segregation

The racial segregation that took place in America from 1896 to the 1950s is an example of one of the many horrendous things that should never be repeated. It reeks of the repugnant discrimination that African-Americans experienced on a daily basis and how inferiorly-treated they were by Caucasian people (slavery, lynching, etc). Public facilities were made and separated only for white people and black people, and it is no doubt that white people were at

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