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City Council Votes to Remove Trump’s Star from Walk of Fame

The West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously on Monday to move forward with the process of removing Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to the Los Angeles Times, the move is “largely symbolic,” as approval of the proposed resolution, which cites President Trump’s “disturbing treatment of woman” and “other actions,” essentially serves as a strong recommendation. The only body with actual jurisdiction over the decision is the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


Former Corey’s Angel Poeina Suddarth Comes out Against his “Truth Campaign”

The domino effect of women speaking up about the abuse they endured continues as three brave women speak out about the psychological, physical, and emotional abuse they faced working with former child actor, Corey Feldman. Corey Feldman claims that he established Corey’s Angels to help women in poor circumstances. He stated to The Hollywood Reporter that Corey’s Angels is a “360 management, development and production entity”. Although Feldman gave evasive answers when being interviewed about this “development and production


Expelling Alleged Sexual Abuser Harvey Weinstein From The Academy Is Not Enough

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided Saturday to expel film producer Harvey Weinstein for the mounting allegations of sexual harassment and rape against him. “We do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of his colleagues but also to send a message that the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over,” said The


A Shoutout to Everybody Finding It Very Hard to Read About Harvey Weinstein

The news isn’t getting any nicer, especially that about Harvey Weinstein, and sometimes it gets a bit much, hearing about assault after assault, and then hearing the long list of people he’s assaulted. It’s hard and it can trigger the memory of bad experiences and bad people, like a sinking ship that gets another hole ripped into it with every new story. Harvey Weinstein is a cruel man that abused his position of power to


The Problem With Hollywood Liberals

2017 has been a highly dysfunctional year in terms of politics. Since Donald Trump took office, we have seen an absurd amount of bigoted politicians saying and doing bigoted things as well as a myriad of high profile celebrities poking fun at Trump and his supporters. Some Hollywood elites have openly discussed their dislike for Trump and have decided to stand up against him, while others choose to simply make fun of him. The problem,


5 Asian Americans Who Are Taking Over the Media

With every passing year, the U.S. increases in its diversity and the “melting pot” that is immigrant culture continues to enrich every aspect of American life; unfortunately, there are many Americans who refuse to appreciate the contributions of those who come from a different backgrounds, still the negativity of such people is but an obstacle. Asian Americans played a pivotal role in connecting the vast nation with railroads in the 19th century despite the hostility


Make More Spies Gay

A good deal of our most popular spy movies share something in common. Most of the protagonists are guys? Well, yeah. Out of Esquire’s top ten spy films of all time, only two list a female protagonist as a leading role (Zero Dark Thirty and Notorious, in case you need something to watch). Could it be that our undercover heroes are almost always white? Yes… that too. In fact, there was a lot of controversy


The Importance of Art in Resisting Trump

Art is powerful. It has the power to bring on fresh perspectives, to shine a light on topics that too often go under the radar, and has the ability to shape the way the public thinks about the world. But recently, the arts have been under attack by the Trump administration. Although Republicans have often stated that organizations like the NEA are ‘wasteful’ with tax money, President Trump has gone a step further and has


“F Rated” Website Shines a Light on Female Driven Movies

There’s no denying it: the history of film was paved by white men. Since the release of the first talking film in 1927, The Jazz Singer (and even before), the vast majority of directors, writers, leads, and overall participants in the movie industry have been male. It’s clear to see that women have always been looked at as inferior to men in the field of film. If you don’t believe me, just look at the


‘American Teen’: Khalid Robinson

Khalid Robinson is the artist needed in the music industry right now. He went from being an Independent Soundcloud act to certified superstar. This time last year, Khalid was a high school senior in El Paso, Texas and as of March 3rd, his debut album, “American Teen”, arrived in stores. The Georgia-born artist’s upbringing and background have really shaped him as the person he is today. As a military brat, he spent many of his

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