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Disney Picked the Absolute Worst Person To Be Their First Gay Character

I couldn’t begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw the first trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast. I lived and breathed that movie when I was a kid, and now not only are we getting a remake, we’re getting a remake starring Emma Watson. Then I started seeing the announcements: Beauty and the Beast would have Disney’s first canonically gay character. I was on


Danielle Bregoli, Catch a Better Attitude, “How Bow Dat?”

Ever since the “cash me ousside” meme queen, Danielle Bregoli, appeared on Dr. Phil and coined her catch phrase, the young teen has received nothing but fame and fortune. Instead of being punished and disciplined for her outrageous and disrespectful behavior, she is getting applauded across the country. With 70k followers on Twitter, it has been easy for Bregoli to climb up on the social scale and receive unnecessary admiration. She’s had the audacity to

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Why Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge Is The Most Important Role Model

Veronica Lodge is a character in CW’s new critically acclaimed series Riverdale (based off the timeless Archie Comics) who is played by up and coming Brazilian actress Camila Mendes. Although only 4 episodes have been released, Riverdale has already resonated with viewers and Veronica Lodge has instantly become a fan favourite. As soon as the series begins, Veronica is established as this confident yet mysterious new student from New York who’s looking for a fresh start in Riverdale.


Taylor Swift’s ‘Feminism’ Is Dangerous

Let’s state the obvious; Taylor Swift has taken over the music industry. She’s the highest paid musician of 2016, making more money than Beyonce, Jay-Z and Justin Bieber combined. Her last album, 1989, was the highest selling album of 2014, and she has over 83 million followers on Twitter. With that type of following, it’s amazing what kind of influence Swift has on popular culture. Which is exactly what makes her brand of “feminism” so


“Modern Family” is Not So Modern, After All

Modern Family, ABC’s original mockumentary sitcom, first started airing in 2009. Since its premiere, the show has remained popular and well-loved by critics and viewers. It has won 61 awards in total, so yeah, Modern Family is a great show. Or so I thought. I started watching Modern Family last year because there are so many Modern Family gifs on Tumblr and I thought, “Why not check it out?” At first, I liked it. It


Everyone Jiggles, Even Lady Gaga, and That’s Okay

America relaxed back into their seats last night at the end of the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl LI, a game that would soon make Super Bowl history as the first Super Bowl game ever to go into overtime. Somewhat skeptical of the performer, America watched in judgment as Lady Gaga took the stage for her 13-minute Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl Halftime Show. A performance eloquently designed around a solid political statement, Gaga voiced

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By Any Memes Necessary: A Meme-Centric Art Show

Memes have become an important part of internet culture. Not only are they funny and entertaining, but they can be a coping mechanism for those with mental health issues. Memes serving as coping devices is a well debated topic. Many people with mental illnesses use memes as a way to express their feelings, share their downfalls, and laugh at themselves as a way to deal with their struggles. Mentally ill people can cope however they


BuzzFeed is Paving the Way for Asian-American Representation

BuzzFeed is known for its quirky videos and wacky quizzes; however, it has also recently become known for its inclusion. BuzzFeed has gone from two to 22 Asian-American staff members in a single year. To some, this may not seem like that big of a deal. But for the Asian community, this is revolutionary. Unfortunately, we are used to being underrepresented. Every Asian that ever gets any screen time is simply cast as an extra


Animal Abuse on the Set Of “A Dog’s Purpose”

A Dog’s Purpose is an upcoming movie based on the novel written by W. Bruce Cameron about a dog finding his purpose in life through the lives of humans he’s touched. If you’re a dog lover, like myself, maybe you have been rewatching the trailer over and over until the time came to actually watch the movie. But, if you’re a dog lover – or really just an animal lover, you may not want to watch


Here’s Why Diego Luna Is So Important

The hype for Star Wars has been unmissable since the start of the franchise all those many years ago. The films and spinoffs appeal and reach a massive variation of different audiences, resonating with millions the values they seek to emphasize. People are drawn into this story not only because of the compelling plot and action, but because of the dynamic characters and the actors that portray them. Of the new actors that have just

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