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Adam Rippon is the First Openly Gay U.S. Athlete to Qualify for the Winter Olympics

Within the last 10 years, there have been multiple LGBTQ+ athletes from the U.S., such as Jillion Potter, Kelly Griffin, Elena Delle Donne and Seimone Augustus at the Rio 2016 Olympics; Lisa Raymond and Megan Rapinoe at the London 2012 Olympics; Lauren Lappin, Vicky Galindo and Natasha Kai at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. However, Adam Rippon will be the first LGBTQ+ male athlete to represent the US, and one of few openly gay athletes to participate


How Colonial Europe’s Worldview Bred Present-Day Homophobia

On a UN resolution in 2014 that affirmed protection from and support against anti-LGBT violence and discrimination, only 14 countries voted ‘No’. Among the most prominent were Algeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon and Ethiopia. This seems to be nothing unusual; third-world countries are regularly associated with conservative and bigoted social values in Western media, while the countries who voted ‘For’ (the USA, UK, Germany and other Western powerhouses)

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