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The Plight Of The Rohingya People Of Myanmar: UN Report Exposes Human Rights Violations

They are a minority in the state they live in, a state that denies them citizenship despite some of them having lived in it for three generations. The same state limits their travel and forces them to sign agreements to not have more than two children. They are banned from owning land and have often been described as “the world’s least wanted” and “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities”. The Rohingya people of Myanmar

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Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement: The New Generation of Activists

Joshua Wong (19), Nathan Law Kwun-chung (23) and Alex Chow Yong-kang (25) are student leaders of the Demosistō Party, a centre-left pro-democracy political party in Hong Kong established in April of this year. The 3 were convicted and found guilty of unlawful assembly. Joshua was the main orchestrator, by effectively rallying and mobilizing the 2014 Umbrella Movement, a 79-day street occupation of 100,000 student activists stormed the east wing forecourt at government headquarters, Civic Square,

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Remembering The Tiananmen Square Massacre: A Forgotten Effort

June 4th, 1989. The deafening sound of the road vibrating under the weight of 50 approaching tanks. The echoes of  300,000 soldiers’ synchronized march.  They have a mission to fulfill. The thousands of protesters sitting outside occupying the streets, look up from their groggy, self-induced, starved stoopers. Before then, there had been a peace in the air, a sense of optimism and a feeling of that they were having an impact. If only they’d known

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