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The Best Way To Cheat

Hey! Hey, you! Are you sick and tired of your significant other, well then you’ve come to the right article! Here at Infidelity Inc.™, we are outfitted with the best methods and reasons to cheat. Of course, don’t mind the fact that in most relationships there will come a time when the passion, fire, and sexual drive to %@#^& and @&^$%!@^* your significant other will run dry; that’s completely unnatural and signals that one should


Why The “Not All Men” Argument Is Downright Moronic

I’ll start off on a light note by saying MEN ARE TRASH. Seriously. If you have a social media account, then you’ve certainly been acquainted with the #MenAreTrash trend and if you haven’t then I’d like to officially introduce you to it. Men Are Trash is a movement. That’s right, a movement. Men Are Trash is an anti-patriarchal movement and let’s just be clear that it has nothing to do with the fact that men

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