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Linguistic Imperialism: When English Trumps All

“This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish,” said then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, of opponent Jeb Bush, whose wife is from Mexico and whose children are Hispanic. “ should really set an example by speaking English while in the United States.” Never mind Melania’s fluency in five languages. The Trump campaign’s “America first” mindset is what ultimately won him the presidency, and is a byproduct of the reality that Americans have been subconsciously


Philippines Remains America’s Top Admirer: The Case of Historical Amnesia and Forgotten Genocide

In a survey conducted in 2015, 92% of its Filipino respondents voted that they had a favourable view of the United States, demonstrating greater enthusiasm for the Western country compared to other traditional American allies in Asia such as Japan and South Korea.   The 92% figure remains a stark contrast even when collated with international data.   The data presented signals that Filipinos are either uneducated on details of the Philippine-American war, or they


The Real Reason Why There’s War In Syria

The news is a vital aspect of the media, it informs us of what is going on in the world politically, socially and economically. Or so we think! Most people refuse to question mainstream news, the same way most people assume that their government is always acting in the best interests of “the people”.  Anyone who thinks otherwise and dares to challenge them is often labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘delusional’. Despite the fact that the media


Don’t Pretend Like Warhawk Hillary Doesn’t Support These Attacks on Syria

With the U.S.’s long-standing history of imperialism, it was no surprise that another Western leader attacked a country in the global south in the name of a “war on terror”. What many fail to realize in the face of protecting the comforts of white, privileged westerners is how much the victims of American terror suffer as a result. On April 6, 2017, under the Drumpf administration, America launched 59 tomahawk missiles which hit an airfield

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