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Feticide And The Problem With Laws Protecting Fetal Personhood

Originally implemented to protect pregnant women, feticide laws become tricky when they are used as a way to criminalize these same women. By definition, fetal homicide is the act of killing an intrauterine fetus accidentally or purposefully, outside of the context of a legal abortion in accordance with state laws. Under feticide regulations, anyone who is thought to cause a fetus’ unnatural death within the womb, even if inadvertently, can be charged with murder. Since


Thousands of Rape Kits Continue To Go Untested

Approximately 321,500 people are victims of sexual assault in the U.S. each year, and those who are victims of assault often opt to be tested for DNA evidence, which can be used to identify and incarcerate rapists. These DNA tests are often stored in what are referred to as “rape kits” (also known as Sexual Assault Evidence Kits), which include things like DNA swabs, blood samples, combs, and more. These kits are vital to proving


Dear Jeff Sessions, Having a Mental Illness Is a Not a Crime

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has indicated his intent to roll back one of the Obama administration’s criminal justice reforms that allowed low-level drug users to avoid unfair, overly lengthy prison sentences. The directive in 2013 kept the number of drugs out of the equation when arresting a nonviolent offender. Now, Sessions has other ideas: “It is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense…” -Jeff Sessions in a memo

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