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10 Queer Activists To Follow On Instagram

Instagram can be a great place to waste time, but its power to bring people and communities together cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re queer or not, here are some accounts to add to your feed and maybe learn a thing or two from while you’re at it. 1. Chella Man and MaryV Benoit: @chellaman, @maryvbenoit     Chella Man and his partner MaryV Benoit are the queer powerhouse couple that we all need in our

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Quoting John Lennon in Your Instagram Bio Isn’t Enough – Activism Through Social Media

In 2018, all the information in the world is at our fingertips. The news is a quick tap away, or even the flash of a notification; in an instant, millions of people know the most recent event or decision. With social media, millions have the opportunity to have an audience. Their audience may be their Grandma, or it may be 500,000 people that they have never met. There many benefits of social media in activism.

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Healthy Phone Habits for the New School Year

As much as we hate to admit it, our phone addictions are getting in the way of our productivity. Phone use is becoming more and more ubiquitous, with teens spending almost 9 hours every day consuming media. I will often find myself unconsciously reaching for my phone and opening up Instagram – falling into the rabbit hole of mindlessly scrolling – a problem I’m sure many others experience too. The mindless scrolling and constant notifications


The Revolution Will Be Instagrammed: How Two Teen Activists Are Changing The World With Their Posts

Let’s be real: the way we use Instagram today is far more influential than the way it was intended to be used. What started off as a yet another photo sharing application has now become a revolutionary method of communication. Instagram is our generation’s virtual megaphone—a phenomenal platform that allows each and every one of its 500 million daily active users to share, inform and debate trending topics. With Instagram, people like me, who like to keep

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Why I Deleted Snapchat

A month ago, I decided I would delete Snapchat from my phone. This may seem rather drastic for a person aged 17 in a social-media generation, but I assure you my reasoning and benefits I have gained may even convince you that, in fact, we are not as reliant on social media as we may think. It all began during one of my stress breakdowns: I was trying to find the root cause of the

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My Ventures Into Social Media Extremism

"How much harm does propaganda from social media cause?" I realized the cases can be extreme. In fact, it doesn't just cloud the mind of a mislead prepubescent girl, it also allows for hate to breed and makes terrorism easier by spreading misinformation and speeding up the recruitment process. 


“My Body Is Not Vulgar”: Kyrgyz President’s Daughter Shamed for Breastfeeding

Aliya Shagieva’s Instagram feed shows the calming and peaceful side to parenthood, with images of her pet cats, artwork and young family against the beautiful landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.  However, not everyone sees the beauty in her photos. Aliya, daughter to Almazbek Atambayev — the Kyrgyz president — faced backlash online after posting photos of her breastfeeding her newborn son, Tagir, with the caption “I will feel my son whenever and wherever he needs to be fed”.

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YouTuber Lindsay Demeola Gives Us Advice on Oversharing, Fake Friends and Online Hate

You might know Lindsay from her social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where she talks about Mental Health, shows her beautiful puppies and shares her everyday thoughts. To talk about a topic related to the online culture and this “persona” a lot of people are creating nowadays to showcase the best version of themselves they can, I had to interview a person who knows the “online industry” we are living in now from

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Point and Shoot: An Open Letter to Myself

You come from a gifted generation. Each day, you unwrap a stream of new presents, with all the urgency of a morning coffee fix. Your thumbs are always slightly bent from the effort, but your ego is well-massaged by 8 a.m. These daily gifts arrive in frantic bundles, ballooning from the corner of your cell phone screen. They are tiny and pink, bearing a heart with a number – a measurement of their ability to

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Who Cares If You Draw On Your Freckles?

As of lately I have been seeing beauty bloggers and Instagram makeup artists draw on their freckles with eyeliner pencils or brow pencils. At first, I thought it was offensive and shouldn’t be considered a trend that people can just draw on at their own convenience, but then I realized: who cares? Freckles are sun-exposure spots that are usually genetic, so not everyone is able to have natural freckles. When I was in elementary and

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