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Uncontacted Tribe Massacred in Brazil

Brazilian authorities are investigating an alleged massacre of indigenous residents of the Javari Valley. Very little has been confirmed at this point. It appears that several members of the tribe were collecting food when they encountered a group of miners. These prospectors had been hired to illegally dredge the valley’s rivers for gold. It is thought that ten or more people (some estimates go up to twenty) were killed. If this is confirmed, then a


How to Keep Up With Politics in a Stress-Free Way

Politics can be overwhelming. Trying to keep up with everything going on in your country and other world affairs can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Sometimes we have heartwarming headlines like “Taiwan Chose Love Today“, but it feels like recently, more often than not, we instead have heart-wrenching titles like “Explosions Fired Off At Ariana Grande Concert.” Here are some tips I’ve put together to try to help others who also feel reluctant to check in

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