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The Importance of Intersectionality

The phrase ‘intersectional feminism’ seems to be everywhere these days. You see it in the news and on posts by activist accounts on social media and even in the Instagram bios of distant acquaintances. But why is this phrase gaining in popularity? What is it and what is it about this idea that draws so many people to it? The term ‘intersectionality’ was coined by feminist scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. It represents an analytic


Why Every Teenager Needs To Attend A Women’s Empowerment Conference

The idea of feminism is still a topic that is constantly misinterpreted by those who associate the movement with women feeling like they are better than men. In my very small conservative high school, you can find a handful of teenage boys and even staff, who believe feminism is simply a way for women to victimize themselves in a society that they believe, treats women well. For a lot of teenage girls, feminism may be


An Interview With Ashlee Marie Preston — The First Transgender Editor-In-Chief of a Major Publication

Although our society has become much more accepting of the LGBT+ community, transgender people today are still seen as burdens. Because of society’s perception of transgender people, they do not have as many opportunities to succeed as they should.  In a time where transgender people are being silenced and having their rights taken away, it is important to stand up for trans rights and acknowledge the hard work that many transgender people put into social


Stop Saying You’re A Feminist

Stop saying you’re a feminist. Yes, you read that correctly. The first thing that will probably enter your head is anger and questions similar to “Why is she saying that? Is she an idiot?” You’re probably ready to write an impassioned email to the editors of the magazine or to me but first, let me ask you a question: who do you think I’m addressing? I’m merely addressing “feminists” who bash on men, focus only

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