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Workshop on Women’s Studies Discusses Feminism, Hijab and Objectification of Women

Exploring themes as important in today’s world as feminism, the neo-liberal and radical kinds of it, capitalism and how it exploits women’s labor, a nine-day workshop was held in Qom, Iran at the University of Religions and Denominations. This program was organized by the international department of URD by the joint efforts of the Director General of the International Relations and Cooperation, Dr. Mahdi Salehi and the Director of International Short Courses, Dr. Zahra Sharif.


Here’s How the Week Of Islamic Unity Could Be A Ray Of Hope In A Divided Pakistan

The Week of Islamic Unity, as its name suggests, is a period of six days from the 12th to the 17th of the third month of the Islamic calendar, celebrated by Muslims belonging to different sects and denominations in an effort to promote unity between themselves. The ritual of celebrating this week was introduced to the Muslim community by Syed Rohullah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Democratic system of Iran. Ever after its introduction, it


I’m White In An Arab Country And I’m Sick Of The Islamophobia

Dear Islamophobes, I’m a Westerner living in an Arab country and I’m sick of the ignorance. Spending my most intense teenage years split between Italy and the Middle East meant that every year that passed, I felt closer to the international vibe of Dubai and more distant from the typical Italian life that was once part of my routine. One thing that, in particular, I experienced a lot and started bothering me more and more


Dispelling Misconceptions About Islam — With A Muslim

About a day or two ago, my coworker and I got into a rather “heated” conversation over Islam and its teachings, stereotypes, and his overall bigotry. He is firm in his stance that all people who are of Arab descent and follow the teachings of Islam are terrorists, they are violent and so on. To this, I responded how most normal people would, politely disagreeing with that completely incorrect assumption. Although I am not Muslim,


The Toxic Normalization of Hate In Rural Towns

Hate, racism, xenophobia and general bigotry are nothing new. They are not regional, and they are not confined to the Southern states. Minnesota, for instance, is usually perceived as a more liberal place to live. However, the increase in bias-related incidents on the University of Minnesota campus, and the murder of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights last year, among other things, show that prejudice and hate are no strangers to the North. But, that’s just


Islam Does Not Condemn Feminism

When I first referred to myself as a feminist amongst a group of my Muslim friends, I remember their eyes widening. However, I didn’t blame them. If a few months prior to that moment, any of my friends had called themselves a feminist, I probably would’ve scoffed at their “western” ideologies and laughed it off. Although it took me a few years, I’ve began to understand that the misconception of women in terms of feminism,


Being Religious and Being LGBT+ Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Ah, yes, religion and the LGBT+ community: two of the most seemingly incompatible communities on the face of the earth. One of the most widely acknowledged stereotypes for religious people is that they are all heterosexual and homophobic because of their religion. Many religious denominations in the public eye claim that their higher power is anti-LGBT+ and that being LGBT+ is unnatural. So, religion is often associated with homophobia. Because of this, it is assumed


Appealing to the Supreme Court, Trump Persists on Muslim Ban

In accordance with the latest false narrative that terrorism is affiliated with the Islamic religion, President Donald Trump has reinstated his request for a Muslim-based travel ban by relegating the decision to the Supreme Court. The ban includes the 90-day termination of Muslim immigration from six countries—Yemen, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Libya—as well as a 120-day halt to the U.S. refugee program. Suspension would also apply to current Muslim U.S. residents who are out

Real Life

Hijab And Choice: Confessions Of A Non-Hijabi

I am Muslim, and am by no means a perfect one. Regardless of the connotations associated with this, Islam has been an integral component in my upbringing and the person I am today is a result of the Muslim values my family has instilled in me throughout my life and the adversity I have faced due to my religious identity. I am grateful that I have a relationship with my religion that I find comfort


Why No One Should Support This Muslim Equals Terrorist Narrative

Yesterday afternoon, London was struck with a horrific attack which left 4 dead and 20 injured and today the perpetrator was reported to have been a Muslim man called Khalid Masood who was born and bred in Britain. Rather than respecting and mourning those affected by these attacks, people took it upon themselves to use this attack as a scapegoat to amplify their ignorant and islamophobic views by almost immediately – even before the attacker was

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