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A Double Blow for the Malaysian Sports Industry

The New Year may have been a great start for many countries especially in terms of political alliances, economical stability and a room for peace and prosperity. However, it seems like Malaysia’s pathway into the new year is still quite rocky and this is definitely not a good sign for the future of the country. It also raises the concern of many international organizations. Just recently, the Malaysian government led by the Prime Minister himself,


Where to Spot Irony in the Attitudes of the Preachers of Human Rights

Every year, the global community celebrates December 10 as the International Human Rights Day and the week it falls on as Human Rights Week to mark the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly in 1948. However, in the identities of the powers running the countries that observe it on the official level, and other countries who are vocal about human rights in general, I find


Florida Student Detained In Israel For Political Belief

American media often perpetuates the notion that Israel is one of the most “progressive countries” in the East as of right now. However, would a progressive nation reportedly deport US citizen students for their own personal beliefs? Canary Mission is a website that “documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses.” This website exposes individuals, professors and organizations for being “anti-semitic.” The literal tagline reads “IF YOU’RE


Is the Israeli Prime Minister Afraid of Carpet Laundries?

In an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 27, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an Iranophobic speech, in which he accused Iran of having a “secret atomic warehouse,” alongside other allegations. To quote, “Today I’m revealing the site of a second facility: Iran’s secret atomic warehouse. It’s right here, in the Turkuzahbad Distrcit of Tehran. Just three miles away. Let me show you exactly what the secret atomic warehouse looks like. Here it


African Migrants Have 3 Months to Either Leave Israel or Go to Jail

Recently, the Israeli government informed more than 35,000 African migrants that they have three months to either leave Israel or go to jail. The country has offered to give the migrants $3,500 and free airfare if they leave. They have been told to either go back home or to Rwanda and Uganda. The Israeli government claims the African migrants came illegally. They believe that the refugees “threaten the country’s Jewish character.” The majority of the


Meet Ahed Tamimi: The Newest Face of the Palestinian Resistance

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been floating in and out of mainstream news for quite a while. Most recently, the conflict was once again brought to the limelight after President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, although Jerusalem is highly contested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Previously, the area was unrecognized by many countries as belonging to Israel in order to avoid instigating the


Religion Seen Through a Feminist’s Eyes

Judaism is a strange religion in my view. The majority of our beliefs are fairly Liberal, but the more Orthodox people within our religion seem to believe otherwise. You would think that since the majority of our religion’s beliefs are liberal, that the more observant Jews would be the most Liberal of them all, but the truth is, they’re not. They strictly follow what used to be, and not what now is. I have always


Here’s What’s Going on in the Palestinian Hunger Strike

On April 17, 1,500 Palestinian prisoners announced a hunger strike to protest against the Israeli policy of incarceration with no trial and the horrendous, inhumane conditions in Israeli prisons and in order to shed light on the degrading standards in said prisons. Across six Israeli jails, the fast, which is led by Marwan Barghouti will continue until the striking prisoners attain their rights and demands regarding the prison’s conditions, which have reached now reached a new


Defensive End for Seattle Seahawks, Michael Bennett, Declines Israeli Invitation, Adding Him to Our List of Woke Athletes

More and more athletes are using their voices to speak up for the voiceless. This past month, the image-conscious state of Israel had been necessarily embarrassed and called out by 6 NFL players. Israel invited 11 NFL players on an all-expenses paid trip for public relation purposes stating that after the visit, they will be proclaimed “goodwill ambassadors of Israel.” The first to decline the invitation was defensive lineman of the Seattle Seahawks, Michael Bennett.


What Does Donald Trump’s Presidency Mean for Palestine?

Support for Donald Trump transcended the Not-So-United States of America through the course of this election season and reached an international level. World leaders have endorsed him, and the citizens of countries oceans away have proudly voiced their optimism regarding the Republican candidate. In the moments following Donald Trump’s electoral win in this years’ circus of a Presidential Election, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated the Republican candidate on his victory. In a short statement,

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