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Here’s 10 Outrageously Problematic Things PETA Has Done and Why You Shouldn’t Support Them

Content warning: genocide, euthanization, animal abuse, objectification of women, sexism, slavery, r*pe, ableism, sexual violence, sexual assault, abuse, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, fat-shaming. Additional warning: links may contain graphic imagery and visual representations of the things listed above. This recent Thanksgiving, PETA made this incredibly insensitive and disgraceful statement: The best #Thanksgiving meals are the ones no one had to die for 😉 #Thanksliving pic.twitter.com/KMDIEj7xqT — PETA (@peta) November 26, 2015 Instead of using their large


Why It’s Important For the Latinx and Black Community To Come Together

The United States is a country structured in racism and its effects are evident every single day. It is a structure that upholds white supremacy and creates a racial hierarchy designed by white people. It is very clear that  Black people are the most marginalized and the most oppressed globally. Trump encouraged police to increase police brutality, an already huge issue within the Black community. Another population that is heavily targeted through racism is the

Mental Health

Conquering Mental Health Stigmatization Within Latinx Communities

The manifestation of mental illness within Latinx individuals has gained a significant amount of prevalence—and so has the decimation of their vocalization. Living amid a community where mental illness is heavily stigmatized has made it an arduous task for these individuals, especially the Latinx youth, to overtly express their concerns with family members. Mental illness is a subject that’s oftentimes swept aside in an effort to sustain the image of “normalization,” as anything that doesn’t


The Yellow Power Ranger From The New Movie Might Be Queer And We’re Here For It

Honestly speaking, the new Power Rangers remake looks dope. From what the trailer conveys, the cinematography is clean, the acting is decent, and the plot is as well-executed than ever. A remake of the 23-year-old franchise in 2017 may seem a bit tired, but there’s something about the new movie that feels fresh and unique. Perhaps it’s the array of familiar faces in the cast, such as Elizabeth Banks from The Hunger Games and recording


Why I Don’t Like Using The Word Hispanic

September is Hispanic Heritage Month but you may be wondering who exactly this includes. Well according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word Hispanic is defined as “of or relating to the people, speech, or culture of Spain or of Spain” and is frequently loosely defined as “Spanish-speaking” and refers to people from Latin America (which includes Mexico, Central and South America). There are various problems with this definition: Firstly, it directly excludes indigenous peoples who do

Real Life

The Struggle of Learning a Second Language

  I’m so deep into my upper division language course that I’ve reached the point where I’m not allowed to speak any English in the classroom. It’s terrifying. It’s my only class of the day, but sometimes I dread the idea of what I’m going to conjugate wrong. I’m battling nerves over a 50 minute class, so I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to live in America and not have English

Mental Health

The Mental Health Stigma in Latinx Communities

Talking about my anxiety used to be very difficult. I saw that it came with strings of negative stigmas attached, and as heavy as the baggage felt to carry, it was always considered easy to transport in the eyes of my peers and my family. For so long I blamed them for not sympathizing in the healthier ways, it was always overly simplified or blown out of proportion.  I’ll admit, I am very fortunate to

LGBT+, Race

The Get Down: Back to the Roots

On August 12th, Netflix released the first six episodes of its new original series, The Get Down. The Get Down is the coming of age story of a group of Black and Latinx teenagers set in the South Bronx during the late 1970s. With flashy colors, a roaring soundtrack, and impressive cast to match, The Get Down was seen as an investment by Netflix, boasting $7.5 million spent per episode. But with Baz Luhrmann, a

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