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Trump Baby. Credit: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/trump-baby

Giant Inflatable “Trump Baby” To Fly Above London During President’s Visit

With President of the United States Donald Trump set to visit the United Kingdom next week, many activists are against his visit with planned protests and a giant inflatable of the President due to fly above the city. Although the exact schedule of the President is unknown, rumors state that he has plans to meet with the Queen and the Prime Minister. The inflatable is due to fly above London the morning of Friday, July


Scotland’s Approach To Penniless Periods By Supplying Free Sanitary Products Is Progress

According to the Huffington Post , Scotland has responded to a ‘period poverty’ by providing free sanitary products to women with low incomes. There will be a six month scheme that will provide free sanitary products for low income households in Aberdeen. MoneySavingExpert recorded that eligible women are issued ‘S-Cards’ to display to at their pharmacies for free products. It was only recently that it as been recorded by the The Independent  that girls from low income backgrounds are

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