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Why LGBT+ History Should Be Taught In School

As of March 2017, California is the only state to teach LGBT+ history in public schools. To me this fact is horrific. I believe that LGBT+ history should be a standard in every American public school and here’s why. It occurred to me while watching Dustin Lance Black’s new mini series ‘When We Rise‘ that I had learned more about the people who lead the gay rights movement in the first ten minutes of the show than


I Haven’t Known Forever: Discovering My Identity

I often hear stories of LGBT+ individuals discovering their identity, and describing how they always knew something was off about how people assumed they were cisgender or heterosexual, even if at the time they didn’t know those words or what they meant. They had their first crush on someone of the same gender when they were five, or they had felt that they were a different gender than the one assigned to them as birth

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Bisexual Privilege Does Not Exist

When I was in middle school, I had no idea what bisexuality was. I thought that there were two sexual orientations: gay and straight. So, when I started feeling attraction toward girls in the sixth grade, I was very confused. In my imagination, I had always pictured getting married to a man (that’s heteronormativity for you), yet I couldn’t stop thinking about girls. I struggled this way for several years before really becoming familiar with


5 Underrated LGBTQ+ Internet Stars to Watch in 2017

With January over and February in full swing, what better time to celebrate than to look at 5 LGBT superstars that have broken into 2017 with huge success and inspiration.  IAN ALEXANDER Star of Netflix’s ‘The OA’, Ian is a trans man of color who advocates for social justice both on and off social media. Recently attending Anti-Trump protests, he continues to encourage his followers to challenge their views on an array of feminist, queer


How I Knew I Was Bisexual

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggle with my sexuality. Try being the only LGBTQI+ person in your house! Well, now think being in ”the closet” until now or being too afraid of posting something on social media because your family will see. Now, are you suffering with this too? Let me tell you something really important: it’s okay! You are not “a sinner”, regardless of what your religious family may say. I know

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Social Justice on Social Media, With Insight from Eliel Cruz

According to Google, the following is the definition of social justice. so·cial jus·tice noun noun: social justice justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. “individuality gives way to the struggle for social justice” The place social justice is the most prevalent is social media. Whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr,  the internet has paved the road to both heaven and hell for social justice causes.

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