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Political Gatekeeping In The LGBTQ+ Community

Recently, the New York LGBT Center canceled an event that would give voices to right-wing LGBT individuals after the public put together many petitions, as well as made the center aware of the beliefs and values many of these individuals held. One such Youtuber targetted was Blaire White, a transgender conservative female who is very open about her political values such as her support for Donald Trump. She is one of the first transgender celebrity figures to openly identify with such values, and by being open about them, she has raised questions about what it means to be in the LGBTQ+ community.
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Being A Transgender Student In 2019: Compromise of Government and LGBT Community

The moves that my school has made provides a starting point for discussions about transgender students, and the unique issues we face when approaching college. While I am forever grateful to be able to avoid being deadnamed in my school system, I can’t help but feel as if a plan must be put into place providing school systems with the proper limits, boundaries, and resources to create an environment that’ll allow us to succeed like our peers. Performing at the best possible level is the only thing a student should be worrying about when approaching college, not the complex legality issues we currently face.
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