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Here’s Why STDs Are On the Rise

The past few years have been record-breaking in terms of the sheer number of STIs present in the country, particularly among adolescents and young adults. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 15 to 19 year old sexually active females have an STD. Additionally, 15 to 24 year olds account for half of the 20 million new STIs occurring each year, 65% of the 98% rise of chlamydia between 2000 and 2016,


Where Has the Outrage for Missing Girls of Color Gone?

Back in late 2016 and early 2017, the media was in crisis mode– no I’m not talking about Trump. I am talking about the missing girls of color. Every single celebrity was tweeting or Instagramming about it. “Find our girls”, they would post. Everyone was also talking about it. Sharing photos of the young girls who have gone missing. People were outraged that this was happening. Throughout the year, there were fewer and fewer posts

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Mental Health

How My Anxiety Disorder Led to a Love for Minimalism

I have generalized anxiety disorder. I am a minimalist. These two statements may seem unconnected at first glance, but trust me, they are intimately entangled. When I was a little over 12 years old, I started getting rid of some of my things. A couple pairs of unworn trousers, a few old t-shirts, and so on and so forth. No one thought much of it. I had always been a bit of a ‘neat-freak’: when

Real Life

How to Get Things Done

It seems like it is that point in the year where stress is at an all time high for students alike. Work and obligations are piling up and leaving many to feel as though they are drowning. It is easy to want to shut down when you are faced with more that you can handle, but these tips will hopefully be able to allow you to get things done. Prioritize  Make a list either in


Minangkabau as The World’s Largest Matrilineal Society

Aside known for their delicious cuisine (trust me, they are never the second best), Minangkabau ethnic group is also known as the world’s largest matrilineal society, representing one of the last remaining matrilineal societies in the world. Minangkabau people or Minang is an ethnic group, they are the original inhabitants of the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra Indonesia. Legend said that in the mid 12th century, there was once a king, named Maharajo Dirajo, who established the Koto Batu

Real Life

5 Vegan Travel Tips

Just over a year ago I decided to make a big change in my life and go vegan. A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. I cut out meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, etcetera from my diet all at once. Of course it was hard for me to adapt in the beginning, but after about a month or two I found that being vegan was a piece of cake (vegan cake of

Real Life

You Don’t Need to Save “I Love You” for that Special Person

Throughout the years, we are taught from young age that saying “I love you” can have detrimental impacts, especially when said to the wrong person at the wrong time. In this day and decade, with social media and the like, it’s a taboo to say it too early. And really, the problem with this is it has formatted our brains to not want to say it to your significant other until the time is right.

Real Life

Why You’ll Never Find ‘The One’

In the modern day there is this huge, romantic idea that one day we will find someone to complete us. One day, one fateful day, somebody will make us feel “whole”. Somebody with whom we just naturally fit. But we are not puzzle pieces. We will never find someone who completely satisfies us in every way, and here are five reasons why that is not just okay, but completely normal. 1. Your Interests Are Unique

Real Life

4 Things Yoga Taught Me

I recently spent two months taking a yoga class at my school. Even though I only participated for a short amount of time, I learned much more than I expected from the experience. The fact the my instructor was so passionate about the sport definitely helped me get the most out of my experience, but I’m sure I would have still learned a lot practicing on my own.  I’m sharing some of the things I

Real Life

It’s Only February, Don’t Rip Your Resolutions List Yet

Ha, I know, I feel it too. It’s only been a month and a half through the year of 2017 and yet everything look like in a total chaos. Starting this year, as usual the majority of us make an annual resolutions, filled with promises, dreams, hopes, the I-will-get-my-sh*t-together-this-year kind of stuff and so so. You probably did all those thing that you’ve written down at the end of the previous (The-year-which-must-not-be-remembered a.k.a 2016) year or the

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