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Why Lindsay Lohan’s Claim She Was “Racially Profiled” Is Very Real and Important

For many people, Lindsay Lohan seems like the last person you would expect as a human rights activist. Sadly, far too many seem to ignore her accomplishments and focus on the negatives her life. Whenever any child star has seemed to hit a slippery slope, critics and spectators instantly dismiss it as, “Another child star gone wrong,” instead of trying to encourage them and help. It especially it not right when said star attempts to


#TheWorldisBiggerThan5: Lindsay Lohan’s Visit With Syrian Refugees

When it comes to Lindsay Lohan, it seems there are no in-betweens. To some, she’s the young actress that stole our hearts and marked our childhoods through her roles in iconic movies like the Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. To most, though, she’s just another person affected by the Disney Effect, a tragic case of the child star gone bad. The only thing the media has convinced us Lohan is good for is

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