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A Double Blow for the Malaysian Sports Industry

The New Year may have been a great start for many countries especially in terms of political alliances, economical stability and a room for peace and prosperity. However, it seems like Malaysia’s pathway into the new year is still quite rocky and this is definitely not a good sign for the future of the country. It also raises the concern of many international organizations. Just recently, the Malaysian government led by the Prime Minister himself,


Two Women Have Been Sentenced To Caning In Malaysia For Sexual Relations

Malaysia is currently in the midst of a debilitating human rights crisis, one that concerns the security of a large demographic of its society. In Malaysia, homosexuality is illegal under the Sharia law. In light of this, two women in Malaysia have been sentenced with caning and a fine of 3,300 ringgit under the Islamic law for “attempted sexual relations.” The Shariah Judge, Kamalruazmi Ismail, has been quoted saying, “Adequate punishment must be meted out so that


“Denying Your Husband Sex is Emotional Abuse”: A Look at Marital Rape Globally

Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh, a member of the Malaysian Parliament, spoke out this week during a Parliamentary debate over the Domestic Violence Act (Amendments) 2017 Bill. His opinion was less than productive. Zulkifly spoke on behalf of men and the so-called abuse they experience in marriage, saying: “Men are generally physically stronger than women so they are subjected to emotional and psychological abuse, which is even worse. This includes having a wife who denies conjugal rights


Why Euro-centric Beauty Standards in Malaysia Are Problematic

If you were to ask the average Malaysian on what their definition of “beautiful” is supposed to be, without a doubt, “fair skinned” would top the list for most people. Local female celebrities like Neelofa and Vivy Yusof are undoubtedly beautiful and have worked hard for their well-deserved success, but one thing they have in common with pretty much most of the other female Malaysian celebrities who exist within the sphere of Malay pop culture of today


How To Know That Lunar New Year’s Coming

As an amoi  (young girl in Mandarin) living in one of the diverse countries in the world, Malaysia—I am always excited of celebrations whether it’s Eid, or the ones from other ethnics like the upcoming Lunar New Year, that is also known as the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. It is  in our blood here to respect and celebrate everyone’s culture like our own, or in an easier way—the celebrations are not exclusive to that


The Malaysia Airlines’ Chinese New Year Advert That Won The Hearts Of Many

With the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebrations right around the corner, a recent advertisement released by Malaysia Airlines for the festival won the hearts of all who watched it. It garnered thousands of views in a mere two days and multiple cheerful and positive comments from people of all races, especially from the majority of those actually celebrating the holiday. Titled “A truly Malaysian greeting”, the video presented a handful of non-Chinese Malaysians

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