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How Memes Are Changing Our Lives

Memes are changing the way almost all of our youth and even our adults have thought about anything. These range from political issues to memes made about a particular video. I think that these are changing teenagers because they can relate to anything or anyone using a meme. I became involved with memes when I was around twelve and I discovered iFunny. This was the beginning of me finding thinks I can relate to funny.

Mental Health

By Any Memes Necessary: A Meme-Centric Art Show

Memes have become an important part of internet culture. Not only are they funny and entertaining, but they can be a coping mechanism for those with mental health issues. Memes serving as coping devices is a well debated topic. Many people with mental illnesses use memes as a way to express their feelings, share their downfalls, and laugh at themselves as a way to deal with their struggles. Mentally ill people can cope however they


An Article About the Bee Movie But Every Time You Read the Word ‘Bee’ It Gets Better

If you’re an avid Twitter/Tumblr member like I am (or if you use some sort of social media platform in general), you have probably seen the multitude of Bee Movie memes floating around, ranging from members posting the entire script of the movie in unique ways to the Bee Movie being replayed where it gets sped up when a word is spoken by a character or a scene is replaced with something entirely different. Some


Cringe at First Kiss: How Josh’s First Kiss Made Him a Viral Internet Meme

Josh Basili was a 27 year old just like any other, until one day, his life turned completely upside-down— he became an internet meme. For those of you not update to date, Basili was a participant in the show, “Love at First Kiss”, a show aimed to see if sparks fly between two strangers when they kiss the very first time they meet. Basili is the most recent and, indeed, the most viral contestant the


Social Media, Memes, and Brazilian Politics: A Guide on Impeaching a President

While not even the New York Times can agree whether Dilma Rousseff’s, Brazil’s current, democratically elected President, impeachment is a coup or if it is entirely democratic, one thing can be assured: social media has been the main source of information regarding Brazil’s political state, not television outlets. Following the natural order, the young adult, teen population leads social media and, predominant on every culture, memes. For many, memes are currently the main (sometimes only)

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