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Mental Health

Depression Rose in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

When talking about the impact of natural disasters, people mostly discuss death tolls, the economic burden, damages to infrastructure or outbreak diseases. What about the mental stabilities of those still surviving, though? Don’t they matter, too? When Hurricane Maria first struck Puerto Rico back in September of 2017, Puerto Rico became black as the electrical power grid was completely destroyed, leaving 1.5 million people (half of the population) without electricity. The damage was estimated to


Why Twitter Feels Unsafe for Survivors

With the momentum of the Me Too movement, everyone has been talking about sexual assault on social media. As a survivor myself, I was hoping that it would be a productive, validating discussion. It is not. There have always been comments blaming the victim, such as “She shouldn’t have led him on” people, but I have never seen as many people flat out deny someone’s traumatizing experience as I have recently, and it is absolutely


Prostitution: An Identity Or A Stigmatized Profession?

Prostitution is the world’s oldest trade. Throughout history, the sale of sex has been a necessity for some and a major point of contention for others. More often than not, the victims of the system are working class women who are subjected to humiliation and degradation, from their abusers and the authorities alike. Before the 18th century, the term referred to any woman who took part in sex outside of wedlock, but by the 1700’s the term became

Mental Health

The Mental Health Epidemic in Schools is Damaging Our Youth

School. This word represents something different for every individual. Whether it brings feelings of excitement, stress, loneliness or contentment, it always has meaning and sentimental value. For so many, myself included, it triggers deep-rooted issues that started when school first became one of the biggest chunks of our lives. There are 74.5 million student citizens in the U.S. and around 17.1 million of them have mental illnesses; more than the number of children with cancer,

Mental Health

A Burnout Is A Living Nightmare

A burnout is most often described as a state of chronic stress and frustration that leads to detachment, along with physical and emotional exhaustion. There are days, weeks even, when people can’t quite snap themselves together. The things they used to love doing, the passion that they once felt for hobbies or personal projects or even watching TV shows are gone. People become more and more irritable around friends and family. Insomnia plagues the mind

Mental Health

Your Mental Illness Does Not Make You Hopeless

I have never spoken much about what goes on inside when I am going through a rough wave of depression or anxiety. A few months ago, I decided that I might try confiding in one of my best friends, thinking it would help. The reaction I received from her was one I was very familiar with. She told me that my sadness was all in my mind and that I should pray more. I told

Real Life

Why I Deleted Snapchat

A month ago, I decided I would delete Snapchat from my phone. This may seem rather drastic for a person aged 17 in a social-media generation, but I assure you my reasoning and benefits I have gained may even convince you that, in fact, we are not as reliant on social media as we may think. It all began during one of my stress breakdowns: I was trying to find the root cause of the

Real Life

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again! When everyone imagines a better version of themselves and we all set goals to become the person of our own dreams. But yet, when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, we all seem to forget about our goals and we stop trying before we even started. Usually, we realize that the hopes and dreams we have set for ourselves are unattainable. Yet at the same time

Mental Health

This Holiday Season, It’s Okay To Be S.A.D.

With everyone getting into the holiday spirit, decorations adorn every house in the neighborhood and family coming together, how could anyone get discouraged? Well, anyone can and that’s okay. Depression does’t take off for the holidays. Sometimes your own problems seem bigger than the world and it seems like a struggle to enjoy the holidays in peace. You don’t wanna be a debbie-downer on one of the most festive holidays, but you can’t bring yourself

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