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Mental Health

Your Mental Illness Does Not Make You Hopeless

I have never spoken much about what goes on inside when I am going through a rough wave of depression or anxiety. A few months ago, I decided that I might try confiding in one of my best friends, thinking it would help. The reaction I received from her was one I was very familiar with. She told me that my sadness was all in my mind and that I should pray more. I told

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Why I Deleted Snapchat

A month ago, I decided I would delete Snapchat from my phone. This may seem rather drastic for a person aged 17 in a social-media generation, but I assure you my reasoning and benefits I have gained may even convince you that, in fact, we are not as reliant on social media as we may think. It all began during one of my stress breakdowns: I was trying to find the root cause of the

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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again! When everyone imagines a better version of themselves and we all set goals to become the person of our own dreams. But yet, when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, we all seem to forget about our goals and we stop trying before we even started. Usually, we realize that the hopes and dreams we have set for ourselves are unattainable. Yet at the same time

Mental Health

This Holiday Season, It’s Okay To Be S.A.D.

With everyone getting into the holiday spirit, decorations adorn every house in the neighborhood and family coming together, how could anyone get discouraged? Well, anyone can and that’s okay. Depression does’t take off for the holidays. Sometimes your own problems seem bigger than the world and it seems like a struggle to enjoy the holidays in peace. You don’t wanna be a debbie-downer on one of the most festive holidays, but you can’t bring yourself


Opinion: Yoga Should Be a Part of the School Curriculum

Yoga has somewhat of a bad reputation. Associated with tree hugging hippies, many people write off the idea of yoga as it seems difficult and, quite frankly, not worth the effort. I, however, take a different view. I think that yoga should be a part of the curriculum in PE or sports lessons. The physical benefits of yoga have been researched into for years and include increased flexibility, building muscle strength, increasing blood flow, dropping

Mental Health

10 Gift Ideas For A Loved One With Anxiety

Needing gift ideas for a friend or family member that suffers from anxiety? You’ve come to the right place! These gift ideas are intended to bring some much-needed comfort to the people in your life who may find it hard to relax, because of anxiety, or really for any other reason as well! Continue reading and find the perfect gift for whomever you would like to present with a purposeful gift. Fidget Toys. Fidget toys can

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You Don’t Have To Love Your Toxic Parents

For as long as I can remember, people around me have always told me that I must love and respect my parents regardless of how much pain they have caused me in my life. Whether it was their absence in my life or even their involvement, almost all of it has always been toxic to me. Still, I am told to hold them close and look past it because I am their child and that

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The Silent Treatment Is a Damaging Way to Punish Children

The silent treatment is often thought of as a harmless way of punishing a disobedient child by parents. In several families, parents believe the silent treatment is one of the best ways of punishing their children. But as said by the psychotherapist Richard Zwolinski, “The silent treatment is an abusive method of control, punishment, avoidance, or disempowerment”. Parents believe the silent treatment is a peaceable way of punishment since no verbal or physical abuse is

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Social Media Isn’t The Problem — We Are

Nowadays, nearly everyone with a smart phone has a Snapchat. The social media forum has taken the app market by storm and is being used by parents and children alike. While the dog filter and face swap tool are seemingly innocent updates Snapchat has added to it’s arsenal, we can’t help but wonder whether Snapchat is putting its users in danger. During the summer of 2017, Snapchat released “Snap Map”, a feature where users could


Too Much School and Not Enough Sleep Is Hurting Teenagers’ Brains

A recent New York Times article made a stir by asserting that teens today are more anxious than they’ve ever been in history. The article cited a statistic by the Higher Education Research Institute at U.C.L.A in which incoming freshmen were asked if they felt overwhelmed by work last year. In 1985, 18 percent of students felt overwhelmed by their work. In 2010, that number grew to 29 percent. In 2016, the number of students that

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