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Here’s Why Justin Trudeau’s Response To Groping Allegations Should Be How Everyone Else Responds To Theirs

While the report of the groping incident was first published on a British Columbian community newspaper, the allegations that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had inappropriately groped a young reporter back in a music festival only came to light 18 years later. This incident occurred before Trudeau stepped into the politics field and was still working a humble job as a math teacher in Vancouver. The woman believed to be the anonymous reporter has not permitted


Why The #MeToo Movement Is So Important To South Korea

The word feminism became the word of the year following the incredible acts of women around the world, and in October 2017, prominent women in the entertainment industry came out with their own stories and became major supporters of women who have experienced sexual abuse. The #MeToo Movement has sparked important discussions about the hardships for women globally, and in South Korea has allowed women who previously felt like they did not have a voice to express their hardships.


Women in Congress Plan To Wear Black For State Of The Union To Protest Sexual Harassment

The wearing of the color black became associated with a new meaning at this year’s Golden Globes Awards, where both women and men participated in sporting the color on the red carpet to make a statement on sexual harassment in the workplace and advocate for movements such as #MeToo and Time’s Up. Now, Congressional members have adopted the idea, leading to the announcement by the Democratic Women’s Working Group (DWWG) or Congressional women in the


Simone Biles Opens Up About Being Sexually Assaulted by Team USA Doctor

Simone Biles recently posted on her Twitter about being sexually abused by the former Team USA doctor, Larry Nassar. In her statement, Simone struggles to put into words the horrific situation she had to go through. She talked about her reluctance to reveal her story, wondering whether it was her fault and how despite having to go back to the same facility to train for Tokyo 2020, she will not “let one man, and the others that

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The Attorney of Matt Lauer’s First Publicly Known Accuser Speaks

The lawyer of Matt Lauer’s first accuser spoke yesterday on NBC about the severity of his client’s concern when it came to the protection of her identity. According to attorney Ari Wilkenfed the woman, whose accusations lead to Lauer’s firing, continues to live in fear that those hunting for her identity will reveal it once it is discovered. He described his client’s current state as being “terrified” and living “in constant fear that people are gonna track


‘Feminism’ is Merriam-Webster’s 2017 Word of the Year

Merriam-Webster has revealed that 2017’s word of the year is Feminism. Honestly, with all the amazing things women have been doing this year, it makes sense that there was a 70-percent increase in lookups for the word. We had women marching on Washington in January, with sister demonstrations all over the world in places like Boston, New York, London and Paris, in response to President Trump’s inauguration on Jan.21. Women all over the world felt


Katie Hopkins Tells Women to Quit #MeToo and “Man the F*ck Up”

Whenever Katie Hopkins is mentioned in the news, it’s never for a good cause. Hopkins tends to speak about issues she has no real knowledge of which leaves her looking ignorant. It’s no surprise that she decided to comment on the online movement started with the hashtag, #MeToo’ and give her opinion on it. An opinion, no one asked for. The online movement #MeToo was started in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations. Activist, and

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